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AIBU to find Trump's victory physically painful?

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DisappointedBeyondBelief Wed 09-Nov-16 10:34:54

There are people walking around laughing about it, but I don't find this funny. It's awful.

I couldn't sleep last night.

This is a horrible, horrible man.

He's a misogynist who is guilty of sexual assault and body shaming women.

He's a racist who wants to build walls.

He's a rich, white man who represents everything that's wrong in our world.

Why? Why why why did this happen.

And you can hate Hillary or love her, but you've got to admit she was wayyyy more qualified than Trump.

The fact that a qualified woman lost to a disgusting misogybist is 100 steps back for women everywhere

I am not someone who would ever vote based on gender (I wouldn't vote for Sarah Palin just because she's a woman), on this occasion I'm disappointed we didn't get our First Female President of the United States.

I know it's not just about gender and many people dislike Hillary (I respect that totally)

But this could have been a historic moment that would have set a precedent for young girls all over the world.

Instead, we have to now explain to our daughters why a man who thinks its ok to "grab p*ssies" has won over a qualified female candidate.

I'm so disappointed.

SpeakNoWords Wed 09-Nov-16 10:37:58

I'm sure you'll get people along soon who'll mock you and tell you you're being absurd. But I agree with you and feel the same way. I can't actually listen to Trump speak, I've been turning off the radio and the news on TV because I can't bear to listen to him crow. It's so depressing.

Thefitfatty Wed 09-Nov-16 10:38:45

I feel a bit sick really.

ZoeTurtle Wed 09-Nov-16 10:38:55

YABU to start yet another thread on it. Isn't there a politics sub-forum?

MangosteenSoda Wed 09-Nov-16 10:39:58

Combination of churning stomach and slight palpitations here!

It feels like the beginning of the End Times.

I genuinely think he's the biggest threat to western civilisation since WW2.

TheWrathFromHighAtopTheThing Wed 09-Nov-16 10:42:00

Oh Zoe, really? The biggest news in the world?

I agree OP. I feel like I did the day after Brexit. Disassociated, a bit sick, anxious, angry, powerless, useless.

Jackie0 Wed 09-Nov-16 10:42:56

Are you American OP?

user1478683920 Wed 09-Nov-16 10:44:24

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

WingMirrorSpider Wed 09-Nov-16 10:44:31

No, I'm the same. I woke up at 3am and couldn't get back to sleep so watched the whole nightmare unfold. Feel sick this morning - luckily I'm not in work today.

I feel the same as I did after Brexit and have a real dread about the future. I'm very happy to be proved wrong but somehow I don't think I will be. sad

My 14yo dd is gutted and I'm so sad for her generation. One good thing to come out of it though is that she and her friends have taken a real passionate interest in politics this year, what with Jo Cox, Brexit and the aftermath and now this. Let's hope our daughters are strengthened by this rather than diminished.

CustardShoes Wed 09-Nov-16 10:46:41

I felt too physically sick to eat breakfast. I never miss breakfast. It's awful - just numb.

OohhThatsMe Wed 09-Nov-16 10:46:59

I'm another who feels sick and depressed at the news, just as I did with Brexit in June. It's like watching a disaster happen in slow motion.

BakeOffBiscuits Wed 09-Nov-16 10:47:27

YANBU, I feel sick that a such a man can be voted in.

It feels like a kick in the stomach for any woman who has been sexually assaulted. We know he's an abuser and a racist but most people in America don't care about that.sadangry

RebeccaWithTheGoodHair Wed 09-Nov-16 10:47:33

YANBU, I'm dazed and worried. It's worse than Brexit and that is bad enough.

ElphabaTheGreen Wed 09-Nov-16 10:48:29

I'm sat in a cafe trying not to cry, especially after seeing a perky looking woman stocking up on copies of The Daily Fail and Daily Telegraph.

I'm an Australian/US citizen (yes, I got to vote for Hilary), resident in the UK, which I used to feel so lucky about. I now feel like my nations of birth, heritage and the land of my children are fighting to show who is the most right wing and I'm miserable.

LtEsmeHansard Wed 09-Nov-16 10:48:44

I've cried this morning. Not just over that, got other stuff going on as well but finding the result out was certainly the final straw and started the waterworks. Yes I know what you mean about physical pain. My body has a low level ache.

user1478683920 Wed 09-Nov-16 10:49:39

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

mintthins Wed 09-Nov-16 10:50:02

wingmirrorspider my 14 year old DD came downstairs earlier and said that all her friends had been talking out it on messaging. If what has happened this year engages young people and motivates and mobilises them to vote, some good will have come if this mess.

DisappointedBeyondBelief Wed 09-Nov-16 10:50:40

I'm not alone then sad

I'm really, really devastated.

What happens in the US affects all of us.

This is indeed bigger than Brexit and that was bad enough.

What is to become of the world? And what is to really become of women and the feminist movement? It seems suddenly as though we haven't really made any progress

1 step forward, 1000 steps back.

almondpudding Wed 09-Nov-16 10:51:03

YANBU to be upset by world events.

But why is this having a bigger impact than say, ISIS torturing and murdering all those people?

Or what is happening in North Korea?

Or Slavery in Mauritania?

I'm not criticising, just wondering.

JesusDontWantMeForASunbeam Wed 09-Nov-16 10:51:16

I don't think anyone needs it to personally affect them to feel upset about this. It's about the consequences for the wider world alongside showing empathy for the millions of Americans who have to put up with this gobshite. It also shows how far to the hard right the world is leaning and it's horrific.

Thefitfatty Wed 09-Nov-16 10:53:28

Anyone who thinks that US politics don't affect the rest of the world has a pretty poor grasp of international politics. The 2008 recession started in the US and affected the rest of the world. 9/11 and US intervention in Iraq has led to ISIS and the current refugee crisis, which led to Brexit.

Whatever this orange idiot does will affect everyone.

ModernToss Wed 09-Nov-16 10:54:04

I've cried too, and still feel sick and disbelieving.

It's a kick in the teeth for women, minorities, the disabled, you name it ... anyone who's not a white man. He truly is without worth - morally, intellectually and temperamentally. He will roll back all the societal advances of the last decade, undo all Obama's good work, and why? Basically because him looking authoritative and decisive on TV mattered more than Hillary's three decades of public service and experience.

MadisonAvenue Wed 09-Nov-16 10:58:59

Whole range of emotions here. Numb, frustrated, angry, helpless, sad.
As PPs have said, what happens in the US, or the actions of the US, ultimately affects the whole world so, regardless of where you happen to live, having this despicable excuse for a human being in a position of political power will have consequences for everyone.

SpeakNoWords Wed 09-Nov-16 10:59:24

I do feel constantly sickened by ISIS, and often think about the situation in North Korea. I must admit I don't know about slavery in Mauritania but I will find out more as a result of your post, thank you.

The Trump thing is unnerving because a massive world power has taken a step in a direction that I find totally worrying. I think it will destabilise the world, adding to the already long list of troubles rather than trying to decrease it.

If I think about all the shit in the world for too long, I find myself wanting to find a new planet to live on. Sadly not possible.

DisappointedBeyondBelief Wed 09-Nov-16 10:59:33

Modern Toss- Her three decades of public experience didn't matter because she isn't "likeable"- men holding public office aren't held up to those standards, this is a special hell reserved for women like Hillary.

Almondpudding- I lose sleep over Syria and the rest of the war torn world every single day.
I have cried while watching what's Happening in those countries. I never said that other issues don't affect me as much. I posted about Trump because it feels like the last straw between me and sanity

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