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To not be worried..

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whatishappeningo Wed 09-Nov-16 07:43:42

There was no good choice in this election and although it's disappointing, if Hilary got in there would be worried posts about her too. I think all these posts and comments the 'end is nigh' comments are a bit OTT

velvetspoon Wed 09-Nov-16 07:49:58

I agree.

There was a meme circulating earlier this week along the lines of America has the opportunity this week to elect one of it's worst possible presidents...or an even worse one.

Neither Clinton or Trump was a desirable choice. I think the choice that has been made speaks for how fed up Americans are with the Clintons and their underhandedness. A different, more likeable Democratic candidate would probably have won.

Just like Brexit hasn't changed much, nor I predict will this.

TheoriginalLEM Wed 09-Nov-16 07:51:39

I hope you are right.

Brexit hasn't actually happened yet though.

GazingAtStars Wed 09-Nov-16 07:53:19

Everyone panicked after the Brexit vote, the markets crashed...the markets have now largely recovered. Think everyone just needs to calm down a bit

GinAndOnIt Wed 09-Nov-16 07:54:28

The thing I don't like, is the words used to describe voters. It happened with Brexit too. Everyone has an opinion and a choice, and it is different for every individual. Calling people 'thick arse holes' for voting a certain way isn't okay, I think.

I think you can say you are appalled by an overall decision, insult the leader if you must, but to personally attack individuals for voting differently to how you would? It doesn't sit right with me.

PhilODox Wed 09-Nov-16 08:01:25

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

HubbleBubbles Wed 09-Nov-16 08:06:16

I agree OP.

mollie123 Wed 09-Nov-16 08:13:04

absolutely - I agree !

Overthinker2016 Wed 09-Nov-16 08:15:58

Is it ok to say electing Trump is thinly disguised racism and misogyny?

whattodowiththepoo Wed 09-Nov-16 08:16:08


timeforabrewnow Wed 09-Nov-16 08:17:24

The man has a trial date set for raping a 13 yo.


nephrofox Wed 09-Nov-16 08:17:47

Gazingatstars, you do know Brexit hasn't happened yet?

growapear Wed 09-Nov-16 08:22:57

Interesting times, the left usually regard themselves as the agents of social change, but the more radical voices are on the right these days and it's the left who wish to conserve the status quo.

HubbleBubbles Wed 09-Nov-16 08:25:48

Agree Gin .
Must do school run , hope to come back to this with some pertinent points after coffee !!

PhilODox Wed 09-Nov-16 08:35:53

I believe she has withdrawn her complaint in the past week.

Fintress Wed 09-Nov-16 08:38:31

The man has a trial date set for raping a 13 yo.

And your confirmed source of this is?

LunaLoveg00d Wed 09-Nov-16 08:39:13

The US just has to get through the next two years until they can elect a new Senate. If they have any sense, they'll elect a Democrat majority and Trump will have his hands tied.

But there was some good news today, Katie Hopkins said she'd move to the US if Trump won. America is welcome to her.

timeforabrewnow Wed 09-Nov-16 08:39:29

Had missed that one

basketofironing Wed 09-Nov-16 08:41:15

Agree. I think it's all a bit much TBH. He isn't some fucking wizard who will just point a finger and poof - walls along the borders and all immigrants gone, nukes sent to the Middle East and all women back in the kitchen.

Everything he wants to do has to go through congress and they will not let him do any of the idiotic things that will ultimately endanger the country/economy because they have some sense. I think people (particularly British citizens who have no emotional investment in it) are getting far too hysterical about the entire thing.

GinIsIn Wed 09-Nov-16 08:43:55

Fintress do you not read the news?! hmm the source is the American Justice system - he is indeed set to stand trial for rape of a minor. And also, separately, for fraud.

Helen1966 Wed 09-Nov-16 08:43:57

I think by the time he is guided by advisors and moderators it won't be quite as bad as we think.
We all know that they go all out during the campaign promising all kinds of things, but that once in power a lot of it comes to naught.

GinAndTunic Wed 09-Nov-16 08:44:15

The man has a trial date set for raping a 13 yo.

No, he doesn't. Get your facts straight before you post nonsense.

GinAndTunic Wed 09-Nov-16 08:46:42

And your confirmed source of this is?

PhilODox's fevered imagination. There was no such date.

GinAndTunic Wed 09-Nov-16 08:49:12

Fintress do you not read the news?! hmm the source is the American Justice system - he is indeed set to stand trial for rape of a minor. And also, separately, for fraud.

Fenella, you would do well to differentiate between reality and fantasy. Or keep in mind the maxim that it is better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and confirm it.

EdmundCleverClogs Wed 09-Nov-16 08:51:26

It's very easy to say 'it's not that bad', and politically speak I don't believe it will be. However, there are people in the USA now who are genuinely vulnerable to an attack on their home/business/place of worship - voting in that man has only confirmed to some that their far right veiws are correct.

If we thought the rise in racist attacks in the U.K. were bad, I hate to think what those who have guns/are part of a militia are going to do after today. I hope no one gets killed in the coming days.

Trump should be on trial, but he's now under ultimate protection. No one safer on this earth than a western politician from justice.

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