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to refer to the Democratic candidate as Hilary?

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Bogeyface Wed 09-Nov-16 02:47:46

I cannot refer to her as Clinton, I just cant.

HE is Clinton, she is Hilary.

Or is it just me that has massive negative feelings about Clinton?

AlpacaPicnic Wed 09-Nov-16 02:54:23

But she is also Clinton. Hillary Rodham Clinton - you could call her HRC if you like. What will it change? Will she ever hear you?

AlpacaPicnic Wed 09-Nov-16 02:55:36

I'm sure people have have called her worse... there's that chap online who seems to think she is the devil incarnate!

EveOnline2016 Wed 09-Nov-16 02:56:10

If she win and I ever meet her then I would say president Clinton but in general conversation it's Hilary

DixieWishbone Wed 09-Nov-16 02:59:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ZoniSouslaLune Wed 09-Nov-16 03:00:10

Over here we call her Hillary too. (I'm in California.)

Sometimes I call her Mrs. Clinton.

The other day i saw a "Trump/Pence" sign and for a moment I read it as Tuppence.

OlennasWimple Wed 09-Nov-16 03:23:34

Yup, "Hillary" is how she is referred to most often over here too (East Coast)

DixieWishbone Wed 09-Nov-16 03:23:57

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Andylion Wed 09-Nov-16 03:28:31

George Bush senior was Bush and George W. was W. It's understandable to refer to Bill and Hillary with different names regardless of how you feel about them.

goddessofsmallthings Wed 09-Nov-16 05:02:58

That Trump/Pence sign was a prediction of what the dollar will be worth if/when The Donald parks his bum in the Oval Office, Zoni.

It appears to be all over bar the shouting and it seems unlikely that The Donald will be kicking off about vote rigging.

As for over the Hill, millions of American voters share your view, Bogey.

Someone on another thread claimed to have cashed in their portfolio back in May. No doubt they'll be salivating celebrating at the prospect of buying the same stocks and shares back at a fraction of what they were sold for,

I've had the feeling all along that, regardless of who wins this Presidential election, neither of the two candidates will be sworn in.

What interesting times we live in...

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