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To think some people are just too reasonable

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Fanfeck Tue 08-Nov-16 15:25:41

I wonder why some people come to AIBU when they're beyond reasonable in every regard?

AIB cynical?

Greengoddess12 Tue 08-Nov-16 15:31:59

Ha the poster who posts and argues their case when everyone else tells them thry are bat shit crazy.

12 year old tongue piercing comes to mind grin

pigsDOfly Tue 08-Nov-16 15:45:46

Well yes, they're absolutely convinced they're right and everyone's going to agree with them.

And when they're told they're wrong? Well, of course, they're not, because they know they're right.

usernamehistory Tue 08-Nov-16 15:53:05

I thought most people come here because they're too unreasonable for anywhere else, real life on online.

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