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to post here because I don't know where else to put it?

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Squaddielife Tue 08-Nov-16 14:05:00

Hubby has a big birthday coming (Feb 2017) up so a group of us will be out for the evening (probably overnight hotel somewhere).
Looking for suggestions as to what to do (Manchester/Liverpool area)
Don't really want to pub crawl. Prefer meal/show/comedy/club/event.
Anyone got any good ideas?
Thanks in advance and sorry for posting here - didn't have a clue where to put it lol

user1478551766 Tue 08-Nov-16 14:09:52

Chat, maybe?


Squaddielife Tue 08-Nov-16 15:11:55

Oops have posted in chat too thanks.

Probably will skip the bowling suggestion but thanks

mum2Bomg Tue 08-Nov-16 15:29:25

How about Windsor? Have just spent the weekend there and it was lovely. You can go for dinner, watch a show and pop round the castle the next day?

mum2Bomg Tue 08-Nov-16 15:30:02

Oh, just saw Manchester/Liverpool - apologies...

CurlyMango Tue 08-Nov-16 15:49:01

Comedy club

legotits Tue 08-Nov-16 15:57:03

Drag club..
Cabaret and then if you feel like it on to a bar or meal?

Leanback Tue 08-Nov-16 16:02:08

Have a look at what's one at Manchester theatres during that time there is always something!

iklboo Tue 08-Nov-16 16:08:50

Sapporo Tepanyaki in Manchester (they do the food 'theatre' - fancy chopping, food tricks etc - really nice) then something at one of the theatres?

The Birdcage drag cabaret

Comedy club (Frog & Bucket)

Jazz club (Matt & Phreds)

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