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Hoping to be told IABU

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stealmyhappiness Tue 08-Nov-16 12:22:21

I want to be told i am being unreasonable...I am getting married next year, its my second marriage, my partners first, we have set date and got venue etc and have a guest list, due to disengaging with alot of friends when i broke up with my ex there is not many people i want at the wedding just family members and one friend, my fiance wants a group of 10 of his friends and their partners to come which i can understand as he couldnt just pick one and they are close so i have agreed to this as i have had a big wedding before.

its now making me feel sad that i have my immediate family and one friend and he has lots of friends and step family meaning he has about 30 people and i have 6. its really getting me down.

I just cant help wishing it was just family coming now.

he is now over a year in advance arranging his 4 day stag do, it is talked about on a daily basis which again i understand as they are lads however he has told me before the lads arent bothered about the wedding, they are going to be the majority of the guests and they dont give a shit.

please someone give my head a wobble! he is the most amazing caring fiance i could wish for and i can tell him my worries about this but i dont want to stop his friends from coming to the wedding, how can i be ok with this? i think my issue is i am realising i have no good friends.

cathf Tue 08-Nov-16 18:50:22

It's his first wedding. It's your second. YABU.

2014newme Tue 08-Nov-16 18:54:13

You have done it all before. He hasn't. He is allowed to be excited and to have his friends at the wedding. You could make some new friends if that is actually the real issue.
Are you able to avoid the issues that broke up your previous marriage?

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