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Aibu ( light hearted)

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knickerelasticgonetwang Mon 07-Nov-16 18:13:44

To bloody well expect to have the same socks that I put in the washing to come out of the washing. My odd sock pile is growing

iklboo Mon 07-Nov-16 18:20:56

I believe certain socks abscond to join a sock militia. One day they'll take over the world.

ferngrubb Mon 07-Nov-16 18:51:18

This is why I only buy one brand of black socks

LurkingHusband Mon 07-Nov-16 18:58:12

This is why I only buy one brand of black socks

Which is all very well until you take the washing out to discover a mystery non-back sock in there smile

ferngrubb Mon 07-Nov-16 19:22:54

Pounce on it, wrap it tin foil and throw it in the bin, don't give it the chance to breed😆

knickerelasticgonetwang Mon 07-Nov-16 20:39:46

Swear the buggers are breeding in our house is there a form of family planning that does not need tin foilsmile

RhodaBorrocks Mon 07-Nov-16 21:11:05

I saw this video and it changed my life -

The machine EATS my socks!

pipsqueak25 Mon 07-Nov-16 21:57:17

rhoda better than eat my shorts !grin

EmmaMacGill Mon 07-Nov-16 22:12:11

the socks run away with the teaspoons. Fact <nods sagely>

ThatGingerOne Mon 07-Nov-16 22:26:28

Rhoda I was just about to post that! Imagine how many single socks there are lying beneath the drum!

nennyrainbow Mon 07-Nov-16 22:30:36

I just wear them mismatching.blush

SistersOfPercy Mon 07-Nov-16 22:30:41

Here is a woo tale for you...

I took the washing out of the dryer yesterday and every sock had a mate. Not a single odd sock.


Itisnoteasybeingdifferent Mon 07-Nov-16 22:41:42

The mistery of odd socks is why they created tights...

Rrross1ges Mon 07-Nov-16 23:34:23

I might do that elastic on gloves through coat sleeves with DS and his socks and trousers because that child is the Bermuda triangle of lost underwear.

MakeMyWineADouble Mon 07-Nov-16 23:39:42

Completely unreasonable give up and wear odd socks it's very on trend -- or I'm past caring enough to look any more-- 😂

IMissGrannyW Mon 07-Nov-16 23:49:54

I LOVE wearing odd socks. So does DD. DH (who hates this) is screwed. I've explained it's his fault though, because it always is! He's working at learning to live with it.

LolaTheDarkDestroyer Tue 08-Nov-16 07:21:05

I had two random odd socks appear out the dryer that I've never seen before wrong size and colour to be any of my dc very strange!

Smoothyloopy Tue 08-Nov-16 09:32:38

Sock goblins live in our washing machine!

user1471507699 Tue 08-Nov-16 09:43:15

My old (male) flatmate used to wash and dry his socks in a pair with the tops folded together. I imagine he had permanently musty socks but never odd socks!

summerskittles91 Tue 08-Nov-16 10:54:28

my life changed since we bought a socks net! For ages I was convinced the washing machine was eating socks. all good now though.

RhodaBorrocks Wed 09-Nov-16 01:56:11

Perhaps dryers are actually sock teleportation devices Lola and one of your neighbours is now pulling your socks out of their dryer in the same confused bewilderment? grin

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