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To complain about this, it's a con!

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dontcallmethatyoucunt Mon 07-Nov-16 17:13:49

I had to stop for fuel today and it was a garage with M&S attached. All good. I needed some peanut butter for my post school run snack on a virtuous ryvita to stop me eating loads of shit before dinner.


M&S stock a naice one, said jar bought, small organisational victory to me.

But when I try it, some fucker has only added maple and peacans shock

Who the fuck came up with that idea? Now I'm stuck here eating my 'healthy filling sanck' off a fucking teaspoon. Cunts.

Thewolfsjustapuppy Mon 07-Nov-16 17:16:13

That is properly shit, how very dare they.

Thewolfsjustapuppy Mon 07-Nov-16 17:16:54

I bet it is bloody delicious too angry

Dieu Mon 07-Nov-16 17:16:59

Can't beat crunchy peanut butter!
Out of interest, does theirs have palm oil in? Difficult to find it without. halo

Thewolfsjustapuppy Mon 07-Nov-16 17:18:08

On a side note I am in awe of your superior organisation skills, it's far more than I could manage

Wrinklytights Mon 07-Nov-16 17:18:49

Yabvu for letting me know that such a thing exists as my plain PB jar is almost empty and I might not be able to help myself...

TheChineseChicken Mon 07-Nov-16 17:20:32

It's lush!

wasonthelist Mon 07-Nov-16 17:49:47

Yabu All peanut butter should be banned there is simply no excuse for it.

dontcallmethatyoucunt Mon 07-Nov-16 18:12:34

Dieu this is what I was checking for when I read sugar in the ingredients... which made me think Eh?? .. that's when I saw the offending additions and started tucking in like the fat bastard I am

I had hoped for better - on both counts to be honest as, being serious for a moment, M&S can afford to remove the stuff and sell a premium product.

dontcallmethatyoucunt Mon 07-Nov-16 18:16:19

Wrinkly don't do it. It's almost as bad as the time I bought a jar of liquid lotus biscuits. I almost ditched the spoon and just used my fingers on that one blush

*Can't beat crunchy peanut butter!
Out of interest, does theirs have palm oil in? Difficult to find it without.* ,ost of the supermarkets do the meridian one which as far as I know does not have palm oil in it.

mygorgeousmilo Mon 07-Nov-16 20:07:31

dontcallmethatyoucunt umm you know what you might like as you kind of like the biscuit spread hmm the lotus spread is a Dutch thing they call it speculoos, then they have the biscuits themselves called speculaas, then the ultimate is speculaas sprinkles which are tiny biscuits. So you get your biscuit, smother it with biscuit spread, then add on biscuit sprinkles on top of the spread. I may have had some problems with this at one stage.... had to be weaned off.

dontcallmethatyoucunt Mon 07-Nov-16 20:23:05

Oh my fucking god shock sprinkle biscuits, with... WHY WAS I NOT INFORMED

Cherrysoup Mon 07-Nov-16 21:22:37

Why was I not sent an urgent email about the availability of pecan maple peanut butter?! <drools> There may be about a tenner left on my M&S giftcard....

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