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Help me all ye of Timeless Vie (and/or otherwise anti-MLMers)

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LadyShirazz Sun 06-Nov-16 21:58:05


I have my own reasons for actively disliking MLMs - without going into detail for both long-standing personal and professional reasons (I did contribute early in the TV threads and before, and am still keeping abreast now...).

So, anyway, to the situation at hand...

Our lodger (who has just finished tucking into a Sunday dinner chez nous) a month ago gave notice - we'll miss him, but do very much wish him well.

Usually, we do have a fair few responses to our spareroom ad to invite for a viewing, but what with time of year and all that, we're not exactly spoilt for choice at the moment. We could hold off till Jan, but there have been a fair old few care expenses for MIL of late, and would prefer not to for that reason - plus annual Christmas costs etc...

Just the one viable applicant to date (the rest have been otherwise babies or likely / self-confessed drug addicts - as per usual) - by advert and message conversation, perfect in every way...

BUT. But but but but but.

As anyone, I did my "due diligence" on the potential one, and according to her FB profile, she is listing herself as "Younique Presenter" - ffffffs. This is, however, alongside a "proper" full-time job, and on review her FB profile is mercifully free of advertisements and memes - though that said, perhaps the casual onlooker is not set at the full permissions so as to be privy to the full MLM onslaught.

So to cut a long story short....

Should I raise this before or at viewing stage....?? I don't want to pre-judge anyone, but at the same time couldn't be doing with any fundamentalist of any persuasion operating under our roof - and MLMers are pretty cultish by anyone's standards... I don't feel I could leave this unsaid or unaddressed - if it's an issue for me, it's likely also to be one for her...

But if I raise the question, she'll know I've been Facebook stalking. And she sounds just so nice otherwise.

AIBU to think I need to bring up the subject of MLM at viewing stage, and - if so - how...??

pipsqueak25 Sun 06-Nov-16 22:40:20

sorry, what's an mlm ? blush.

ditzychick34 Sun 06-Nov-16 22:43:03

Hearing you pip, what's MLM?

Cherrysoup Sun 06-Nov-16 22:44:50

MLM? Wot? I would mention it and tell her she can't host parties at your place due to a covenant re no businesses allowed out of the house (our house has this, so not unbelievable). She would probably be amazed if you didn't FB stalk her!

wasonthelist Sun 06-Nov-16 22:44:56

MLM = Multi Level Marketing - what they had to rebrand pyramid selling once it was made illegal.

Somerville Sun 06-Nov-16 22:46:11

Ask her about her work, and if she only mentions the full time job then ask if she does any other work on the side.

I wouldn't want a fully-signed up MLM-hun living with me but maybe she's already disillusioned.

wasonthelist Sun 06-Nov-16 22:46:35

TheWoollybacksWife Sun 06-Nov-16 22:48:40

Could you say that it is a condition of your letting agreement that your premises aren't used for "home based" business purposes or at least introduce it into your initial conversation? I am not an expert on landlord/tenant situations though so have no idea if you can impose such restrictions.

QueenArseClangers Sun 06-Nov-16 23:21:41

Let her lodge but think of yourself as providing a 'deprogramming' centre like they do for cult escapees wink

You can start off subtle by leaving Timeless Vie/Botwatch printouts around the house then ramp it up by eventually enlisting friends or family (or unwitting pensioners from a keep fit class as in another thread) to create a human pyramid whilst sporting t-shirts proclaiming 'No Tarantulafuckingeyelashes' and shaking your head at her in synchronised formation.

That's definitely what I'd do.

QueenArseClangers Sun 06-Nov-16 23:27:19

This would make a jolly poster for her bedroom wall. Blown up to about 3m x 2.

throwingpebbles Sun 06-Nov-16 23:33:03

I don't think you should be put off necessarily but I would have some very firm ground rules
Eg not using your address, not hosting events there, not targetting any guests you have etc.

If you have a nice house the risk is she does the classic MLM thing and posts photos of it in social media making out like the whole thing is hers...

SpaceUnicorn Mon 07-Nov-16 01:43:25

If you have a nice house the risk is she does the classic MLM thing and posts photos of it in social media making out like the whole thing is hers...


I'll be honest, I don't think I could share my house with an MLM bot. I'd be far too worried that, given their apparent gullibility, they'd give all your stuff away to burglars: 'Oh yeah, LadyShirazz definitely said that you should give us all of her jewellery and expensive electrical items to take away for ... errr ... cleaning. Look, she even made this profound and meaningful facebook meme telling you to do it. Now be a love and stick it all in this bag marked "swag" ...'


LadyShirazz Mon 07-Nov-16 08:54:25

I couldn't share my house with a religious fundamentalist / racist / Trump supporter, and to an extent the dedicated MLMer falls into that category for me (appreciate they are a victim of a scam as well, but that makes them no less unbearable and potentially dangerous).

Maybe I should just ask her before she even comes to view? Don't want to waste her time or mine...

BSintolerant Mon 07-Nov-16 13:37:07

Tell her to bugger off and rent a castle or a barn instead. wink

BSintolerant Mon 07-Nov-16 13:43:14

Oh wait ... what if you're the victim of a sinister new recruitment drive? Are the top bots telling the minion bots to pretend to be looking for rooms to rent so they can pounce on unsuspecting landlords the minute they let them in?

Desperate times (and it's nearly Christmas).

Eeeeeeeeek! 😱

throwingpebbles Mon 07-Nov-16 22:35:42

BS grin don't even joke!! It'll be creeping into their training sessions as a "top tip" next grin

BSintolerant Mon 07-Nov-16 23:11:56

grin It's probably crept in already Throwing!

There is a deterrent though. Ever read Roald Dahl's short story, The Landlady? wink

throwingpebbles Mon 07-Nov-16 23:22:01

I seem to recall reading it and being hugely disturbed BS ...but am sure many MLM-bots would see it as a risk worth taking to be <respectful pause> "on track for a six figure income"

throwingpebbles Mon 07-Nov-16 23:23:36

Ps have you seen the John Oliver video yet BS ?!

throwingpebbles Mon 07-Nov-16 23:24:38

Link for anyone who wants it!

BSintolerant Mon 07-Nov-16 23:33:42

Yes! Three cheers for John Oliver's video! grin

Give your family the lifestyle they deserve, which is frankly not getting caught up in this bullshit!

throwingpebbles Tue 08-Nov-16 00:09:50


BSintolerant Tue 08-Nov-16 19:59:05

Ladyshirazz (does your title mean you're an 'Hon.' rather than a common hun?) what have you decided to do?

LadyShirazz Sun 04-Dec-16 19:06:46

Forgot about this thread, sorry BS!

We thankfully had last minute interest, so were able to let out the room a day before scheduled Bot interest...

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