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NK2e3b8683X11f040b84a2 Sun 06-Nov-16 19:57:53

My 10 yr old was allowed to light a firework "its ok mum cos dad guided my hand" ex and I don't get on, not the first time DC has been allowed to do something I'd say is inappropriate. Background to my relationship with ex was lots of manipulation and lies on his part. Anyone advise how to handle these situations?

Lilaclily Sun 06-Nov-16 19:59:16

I wonder if posting on the lone parent board instead of aibu might be more helpful

Sirzy Sun 06-Nov-16 20:01:16

Madness! I would be fuming.

BackforGood Sun 06-Nov-16 20:04:52

Not sure what it is you need to handle.
A 10 yr old is perfectly capable of lighting a fuse under the supervision of an adult.
Maybe your opinion of your ex is clouding your judgement.

StarryIllusion Sun 06-Nov-16 20:05:13

I couldn't get worked up tbh. We all used to help light the fireworks as kids in our family.

MsJamieFraser Sun 06-Nov-16 20:13:21

My 7 and 10 year old has just been doing exactly this with their dad, my dh guided them in lighting the fuse, ds1 helped his dad light the chimera, they held sparklers and had hot chocolate with marshmallows, and fresh popcorn, and we are now all watching Gremlins the movie.


wasonthelist Sun 06-Nov-16 20:15:37

Let my 8 yo Dd light some.

PinkiePiesCupcakes Sun 06-Nov-16 20:17:10

I doing see the problem?

I'd imagine most people let kids younger than 10 have sparklers and they're far more dangerous than lighting a fuse that takes seconds.

Tarla Sun 06-Nov-16 20:24:30

I think it depends on the child. Is your 10yo generally sensible and likely to follow safety instructions such as moving away once it's lit, not returning, etc? If so then I think YABU.

I wouldn't let my 7yo help light fireworks because he's a jumpy jack and is liable to stand there once it's lit so he can get a close up view. My very sensible 5yo on the it her hand, I'd let her have a go if she wanted to (not now, but when she's 7yo).

Amelie10 Sun 06-Nov-16 20:28:47

I'm not sure what the shocked faces are abouthmmhe's 10yo and his dad guided his hand. What is it that you need to handle?

NK2e3b8683X11f040b84a2 Sun 06-Nov-16 21:01:14

I was fuming, my judgement can be clouded. I have read all the posts and appreciate your feedback it has helped. Thank you

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