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To be worried?

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RollonBed Sun 06-Nov-16 15:56:21

New to mumsnet, just joined purely because its all i can think about. Love reading other threads though.

Ok, so the cap comes into place tomorrow 384 pound a week. Im a single psrent 2ith 4 children. How on earth an i expected to pay rent out of this and live? I will have to pay £104 pound rent a week! Thats 280 to buy food, petrol, gas, electric, water... yes i pay monthly for these but each week i make sure i set aside 50 pound... its said some 300,000 children will be pushed into poverty and people may loose there home over it. Im so worried i cant eat or sleep!! Should i be worried. aibu to think this is such an unecessary thing gor goverment to do?

Shakey15000 Sun 06-Nov-16 16:02:41

That's more than I earn working full time. And the rent is considerably less!

Could you work? If not, whilst it may spoil your "savings" that £50 will have to come into play won't it? £280 per week is a good amount.

Allthebestnamesareused Sun 06-Nov-16 16:04:58

You realise that there will be many more people comibg on to let you know they get less than you but work.

Redglitter Sun 06-Nov-16 16:05:16

How much are your food, petrol etc a week. £280 a week for bills etc seems quite a lot to have. I work full time and certainly can't afford to save £200 a month.

lightcola Sun 06-Nov-16 16:06:43

I would say £384 was a manageable amount. It equates to £20k a year. You'll just need to make some cut backs and budget well.

SmellySphinx Sun 06-Nov-16 16:07:05

You're gonna get jumped on!!

So, just the 50 set aside to make sure there is enough for the monthly bills or is it savings?

bloodymaria Sun 06-Nov-16 16:07:43

What! £380 a week is a huge amount! You need to learn to budget.

SaucyJack Sun 06-Nov-16 16:08:07

How old are the kids?

EllieMentry Sun 06-Nov-16 16:09:42

I thought OP meant that she puts aside £50 of her weekly money to pay bills that are payable monthly, not that she can save that amount. Is that right, OP?

rumpelstiltskin43 Sun 06-Nov-16 16:09:44

What about the children's father, what is he paying?

ShutTheFuckUpBarbara Sun 06-Nov-16 16:10:47

I get just about that working full time.
It's time to start budgeting like the rest of us

formerbabe Sun 06-Nov-16 16:12:35

thats 280 to buy food, petrol, gas, electric, water

Lucky you.

Freezingwinter Sun 06-Nov-16 16:12:51

380 a weekshock

RollonBed Sun 06-Nov-16 16:13:14

Oh god. Then 50 a week isnt "savings". Its for my monthly bills gas electric and water petrol is 30 a week as my children go to skl in a differenr county as there is no schooling spaces available near me and no i wont put them on a school bus as they are 4 and 5.. my two youngest are babys

RollonBed Sun 06-Nov-16 16:14:17

There father turned abusive so we was moved out the area he doesnt contribute in anyway and hes also now in prison

DontTouchTheMoustache Sun 06-Nov-16 16:14:36

It seems like quite a lot to me as well but it depends on your outgoings. Can you make a budget planner of your outgoings? I have a spreadsheet so I have money coming in at the top then all the outgoings (start with standing orders that are the same each month) and have all of these subtracted from your incoming money then see what is left for food and petrol. This way you can work out what you can budget per week for food and work out meal plans that will keep costs down (I eat a lot of lentil chilli and things like that as very healthy and very cheap). It might mean a few sacrifices but it will be manageable. I'd advise either do online shops where you can track how much is going into your cart or just take enough cash with you that is in your budget. This is how I stretch what I have (also a single mum) and keep on top of finances. It takes some work and some planning but ultimately the government asses what a family needs to survive, it's not about having a nice lifestyle. That may seem unfair but obviously resources are stretched.

Freezingwinter Sun 06-Nov-16 16:14:57

You get 1500 a month, that's more than someone would get who earns 20k after tax. I really think it's manageable.

perditalost Sun 06-Nov-16 16:15:33

How much maintenance do you get? That isn't included in the cap is it?

perditalost Sun 06-Nov-16 16:16:20

sorry cross posted and didn't see that he is in prison. Does he have any assets?

EweAreHere Sun 06-Nov-16 16:16:42

You make almost twice as much as I do and your rent is considerably cheaper than our mortgage. Yes, I'm married so we have a second income, buy I have friends who earn exactly what I earn (same job) who are single with children, and they manage. You need to budget better.

Fluffyears Sun 06-Nov-16 16:17:14

I work full time long hours and take home less than that and I pay full mortgage and council tax, transport to work, food and what's your point!

RollonBed Sun 06-Nov-16 16:17:29

Donttouch thats really helpful thank you. Tonight shall make a spreadsheet and work through some things thank you

CalleighDoodle Sun 06-Nov-16 16:17:55

Twin babies? What is the father contributing. That is a good amount of money op. Especially since you dont have the added cost of working. What are you strugglinn to manage? Your food shopping bill? Theres great threads on here to help with getting great deals.

Isitlunchtimeyet Sun 06-Nov-16 16:18:16

So you have £280 a week
£50 is for bills
£30 is for petrol
So you have £200 a week to spend on food etc?
Is that right?

RollonBed Sun 06-Nov-16 16:18:29

No assets all he left behind was debts he took in my name

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