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How to handle micro managing

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Crowdblundering Sun 06-Nov-16 15:41:12

Hi I used to post a while ago but had a break so am not a troll smile.

This is not an AIBU as such but I want some advice from wise people TIA wine

I work in a specific discipline and am about to be managed by someone (I have appealed to senior management - who don't really know what I do hmm) with no experience or qualifications in what I do.

So far all my managers have been very "hands off" and have let me get on with it (I run a small team in a building).

New manager manages people two grades below me and is only 1/2 grade above me.

New manager often described by others as "bull in a china shop" with clients and in meetings etc, bullshits and call facts facts when incorrect instead of checking. IMO does not "look" terribly professional either (which worries me as will be representing me).

New manager is quite patronising and explains things which I really don't need explaining to me. I am a project manager myself and new manager has put her foot in it and alienated several working partnerships I have spent years cultivating.

Am looking for another job but until then I am going to have to work with this and I really really don't know how to handle it without exploding.

Have others experienced this and if so is there any way I can deal with it humorously but showing I am serious?!

Thought of going to work fills me with dread ATM sad

Bogeyface Sun 06-Nov-16 15:43:21

Have you made it clear to your employers that because of this manager, you are considering your options? They may be happier to lose her than lose you.

Crowdblundering Sun 06-Nov-16 15:44:52

Yes - and they have said they don't want to lose me but also seem very confident in her capabilities confused

It's public sector though so not surprising hmm

BitchPeas Sun 06-Nov-16 15:46:03

Stop, stare at them unblinking in the eye and say 'do you want to do it?'

Don't start doing anything again until they piss of out of it.

Every single time. They'll get it eventually.

Scholes34 Sun 06-Nov-16 16:03:08

And how much do you want to keep your current job? Would you be happy if you did look to work elsewhere? Do you care about the current job enough to take up the challenge of nurturing an acceptable (to you) working relationship, or do you want to walk away? Do you feel any responsibiltiy towards the team you'll be leaving behind?

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