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To cancel EVERTHING and rip up 'to do' list

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Hedgehog80 Sun 06-Nov-16 14:48:00

Overload point has been reached. I sometimes get completely physically, emotionally, mentally overwhelmed and feel like I need to just cancel everything and hide away to get back to a functioning level.

We have so much on over the next couple of weeks but I feel like just postponing it all or where possible so that I can actually rest and get my thoughts together ?
I just want to rip up my 'to do' list and shift the dcs hospital appts that I can to in a couple of weeks time apart from 2 really important ones

I just feel at that point where the week facing me is too overwhelming and I need to not feel so overwhelmed if that makes sense

NewDay10 Sun 06-Nov-16 15:18:50

Do it. I did something similar recently. I had packed in too much over 3-4 days and I was very honest with the people involved and said I need to cancel xyz and it wasn't an issue. One thing I'm getting round to doing 2.5 weeks later. The others well waiting but I just couldn't cope and I felt so so guilty but then so relieved once I knew I was doing 2 of 6 things that day instead of 6! Just do what's absolutely necessary. YANBU

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