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Who gets the premium room?

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Strandedinthehills Sat 05-Nov-16 16:18:45

My husband and I have taken my son and his girlfriend away for the weekend for my sons birthday. Couldn't book two standard rooms so had to book one standard one premium. The premium room comes with a bottle of champagne, flowers and chocolates.

I think my son and his girlfriend should get the premium room as it's a treat for his birthday. My dh thinks we should as we are paying. Who is bu?

AndNowItsSeven Sat 05-Nov-16 16:19:27

Your dh is.

MarciaBlaine Sat 05-Nov-16 16:19:27

They should.

Lweji Sat 05-Nov-16 16:20:24

Your oh.

The birthday boy should get the treat.

TheSnowFairy Sat 05-Nov-16 16:20:27

You take the room, give them the gifts.

baconandeggies Sat 05-Nov-16 16:20:39

Your son should get the premium room but you get the choccies

AnchorDownDeepBreath Sat 05-Nov-16 16:20:55

Ooh. If we go away with DPs parents, we always give them the better room, even though we usually pay for ourselves - we'd definitely give it to them if they paid. But as it's for your sons birthday, it'd be lovely to give it to them.

mysistersimone Sat 05-Nov-16 16:22:57

The reason you're going is for your son, he should get the extra benefit as a treat. I totally understand your husbands POV but it's not like your son gets a king size and you get a sleeping bag in the boiler room.

Strandedinthehills Sat 05-Nov-16 16:23:19

Dh won't even agree to giving them the champers hmm it's ds celebration after all

Middleagedmumoftwo Sat 05-Nov-16 16:23:56

I would give them the room.

Middleagedmumoftwo Sat 05-Nov-16 16:25:01

If your husband is that worried about having the champers just get another bottle?

Strandedinthehills Sat 05-Nov-16 16:29:40

Ds will question it. I'm sure of it.

FeckinCrutches Sat 05-Nov-16 16:30:03

What a tight arse, it's his sons birthday! If he's that bothered tell him to get his own fizz and chocs for your room. So selfish.

mysistersimone Sat 05-Nov-16 16:33:35

If your husband wants to be an arse can you arrange with the hotel that your son's room gets flowers/champagne/chocs too? Then hopefully your DS will think you have the same. I'm guessing he won't need to go in your room to see any visual difference.

HRarehoundingme Sat 05-Nov-16 16:35:09

How old is DS?

Strandedinthehills Sat 05-Nov-16 16:35:32

He's turning 24

Euphemia Sat 05-Nov-16 16:35:43

Tight git! It's a treat for your son!

QuiteLikely5 Sat 05-Nov-16 16:36:31

why not buy some chocs and champagne and add to your own room.

Is your dh tight?

BoredOfWaiting Sat 05-Nov-16 16:38:42

Your husband sounds like a spoiled brat! Give the tray to the birthday boy!

TheNaze73 Sat 05-Nov-16 16:39:16

Your DH. I don't even see why in any logical train of thought, he'd think that he should have the room

Arfarfanarf Sat 05-Nov-16 16:39:21

Your husband is being unreasonable and missing the whole point. I cant believe he begrudges his son the perks of the treat!
That said it would be horribly bad manners of your son to question it! You just dont do that.

I'd just grab the champagne and chocs and hand them to your son. Surely your husband wouldnt wrestle them from his grip?

DropZoneOne Sat 05-Nov-16 16:39:30

Give DS the room, it's for his birthday. Add bubbles and chocs to your own room.

ItsJustNotRight Sat 05-Nov-16 16:40:35

I think I'd let them have the premium room and call the hotel and ask for the extras in your room too. If DH was being tight about this I just wouldn't tell him I'd paid extra, just agree to get it on a separate bill and pay it yourself.

TwistedFlaxPlease Sat 05-Nov-16 16:40:43

Your husband is being a twit. If you can, upgrade the other room to a premium one too.

Whathaveilost Sat 05-Nov-16 16:40:50

I'd let son get the premium and any treats.
It's lovely treating the people you care for and love.

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