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To think that fireworks should be banned from public sale?

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Runny Sat 05-Nov-16 12:45:15

It would be nice if people could use them responsibly and reserve their use for the 5th of November and New Years Eve, but around here theyve been going off for weeks and even now as I'm sitting here typing this, as 12.40 in the afternoon some idiot is letting them off in broad daylight. In fact it's been happening all morning! My poor dog is going beserk. I'd like to go around to whoever it is, ram a lit firework up their arse and launch them into space for being such an inconsierate, anti social selfish twat!

They are bloody dangerous in the wrong hands, they cause distress to animals, young children, elderly people, war veterans and people with ASD. How is it possible that anyone over the age of 18 can walk into a shop and buy them?! It's absurd. There is no need for them to be on sale when you can go to an organised display and watch them.

Please can we ban them?

Diamondsandpears Sat 05-Nov-16 12:58:39

YANBU. Should be available to organised and regulated displays only.

ChardonnayKnickertonSmythe Sat 05-Nov-16 13:01:38

I shall link again

gleam Sat 05-Nov-16 13:05:52


monsterbookofty Sat 05-Nov-16 13:08:49

What is the point of setting them off in daylight! What a waste of money!
I think YABslightlyU however, its worng to punish sensible people because of a few idiots. A tighter control on when they can be used and maybe a higher age limit would be better.

RedHelenB Sat 05-Nov-16 13:10:02

YABU - I love bonfire night

AcademicOwl Sat 05-Nov-16 13:12:57

I think you're being very reasonable. Fireworks are disruptive, but more than that, dangerous. I think they should only be on very restricted public sale, if at all.

Oysterbabe Sat 05-Nov-16 13:13:07

YANBU. We had a few very loud bangers going off at 3:30am this morning angry

idontlikealdi Sat 05-Nov-16 13:14:21

Totally agree with you. Random ones going of here now. The dog is a wreck.

SirChenjin Sat 05-Nov-16 13:15:45

YANBU - every year this issue crops up and every year the various Govt ignore calls to restrict to organised, licensed displays angry

HidingInTheCupboard10 Sat 05-Nov-16 13:17:02

Fireworks are for sale because, believe it or not, people do like them. People who don't want to take small children to large displays, people who like family get togethers and people who just don't like to pat the price of a mortgage for an event.
People who celebrate Diwali also buy them to use.
Just deal with it. I hate halloween but I just get over the fact that strangers expect me to have sweets in for their kids, and call me miserable for not doing so. And if its really such an issue, do something real about it, not just whine on here. Its bloody boring!

MrsJayy Sat 05-Nov-16 13:17:03

Yanbu they should not be so easy to buy go onto supermarket can I have mahasoove box please yea of courae then you get fanny's unable to. Use them safely and don't get me started on people setting them off in postage stamp sized gardens they land every where

Runny Sat 05-Nov-16 13:17:37

I'm not asking for Bonfire Night to be banned!

Sparlklesilverglitter Sat 05-Nov-16 13:20:06

Here people are pretty good here and apart from tonight and New Years you don't hear any, but then this is only a small little place. The neighbours even put a note in the door Monday letting us know they were planning fireworks for tonight which was nice

I don't think they shouldn't be sold to the public as most people are sensible, it's just like with anything you get a few stupid people

ChardonnayKnickertonSmythe Sat 05-Nov-16 13:21:58

That's a ridiculous comparison, Cupboard.

You don't have to do trick to treating, you don't open the door, don't have a lantern outside and voile, job done.

Fireworks, however are impossible to avoid, what with Diwali, and Guy Fawkes night.

I happen to like Mamma Mia the film, but I don't go round playing it on big screens so everybody can see it.

And if it's bloody boring don't klick on the bloody thread, it's not like it's disguised as a firework display invitation or anything.

SirChenjin Sat 05-Nov-16 13:22:39

What's your definition of 'a few stupid people'?

Pinkheart5915 Sat 05-Nov-16 13:22:53

We do our own fireworks and bonfire each year

We will only set the fireworks off tonight
All fireworks will be finished by 9:30pm
We don't have any neighbours for about 20 minutes in each direction

We are responsible with ours and we always have been. As are a lot of people, it's just some idiots like with everything that can't behave

ChardonnayKnickertonSmythe Sat 05-Nov-16 13:23:11

click even, I must have morphed into a Kardashian. checks arse

TheClacksAreDown Sat 05-Nov-16 13:24:36


Runny Sat 05-Nov-16 13:24:51

Well you know Hiding if you don't want to pay mortgage prices to you could always just watch them theough a window or something.

If you dislike Halloween Id say it's fairly easy to ignore, just close your curtains and don't asnwer the door to trick or treaters. You can't really ignore Bonfire Night though when it's so bloody noisy. Some fireworks sound like bombs going off, last night it was The Blitz here.

ComfortingKormaBalls Sat 05-Nov-16 13:25:50

Signed....on behalf of the dog.

DameSquashalot Sat 05-Nov-16 13:27:37


Eatthecake Sat 05-Nov-16 13:28:09

We have always done fireworks and a family get together since I had ds1 20 years ago

We live in a fairly small village, I always pop round and speak to my next door neighbours and let them I will be having fireworks they are welcome to come if they want. My fireworks will be over by 10pm and we only let them off on guy Fawkes night.

I don't doubt some people are stupid with them and have no consideration for other people by letting them off past midnight, in the day and on all kinds of days not just guy fawkes. Not everyone is so I think banning them to public sale is unreasonable

mysistersimone Sat 05-Nov-16 13:29:42

I totally agree. I'm amazed gunpowder gets sold to the masses. I think it should be by licensed events only, or private license so the individual has been trained. If it was by event only then people that suffer PTSD could prepare to avoid. I've witnessed men with it react and it's extremely traumatising.

megletthesecond Sat 05-Nov-16 13:31:15


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