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To be appalled at this tee shirt

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pinkpostitnote Sat 05-Nov-16 12:29:48

Please do join me in complaining about this awful product.

pinkpostitnote Sat 05-Nov-16 12:30:31

Apologies, I need to add it's in relation to consent and alcohol.

gleam Sat 05-Nov-16 12:39:28

Can you post a screenshot?

fourcorneredcircle Sat 05-Nov-16 12:39:37

Oh my Lord.

I've just fired an email at them through their contact us button.

Disgusting ridiculous excuse for humour. Who even buys these things?!

fourcorneredcircle Sat 05-Nov-16 12:40:40


Paddingtonthebear Sat 05-Nov-16 12:42:15

Fuck me shock

SalemSaberhagen Sat 05-Nov-16 12:42:25

Can I also point out it isn't the website everything5pound, it's a different one. I would hate for them to be affected negatively by some other disgusting company.

Paddingtonthebear Sat 05-Nov-16 12:42:36

That's awful. Who on earth thought that was a good idea

pinkmagic1 Sat 05-Nov-16 12:43:25

Terrible. Who in their right mind would wear this?

Stormwhale Sat 05-Nov-16 12:45:31

Email sent. Fucking arseholes.

HarmlessChap Sat 05-Nov-16 12:49:01

Yes its an awful message and you'd hope that it wouldn't sell but if there is a market for it, which is worse; the fact that they are selling it or the fact that some women may buy it?

Boundaries Sat 05-Nov-16 12:49:15

Yup. Emailed. Worth tweeting too, I'd say.

Oysterbabe Sat 05-Nov-16 12:50:57

Jesus angry

pinkpostitnote Sat 05-Nov-16 12:52:32

I've just realised there are a few threads in this here and increasing numbers on twitter/ FB too.

It seems there are a few different sites selling similar tee shirts actually.

pinkpostitnote Sat 05-Nov-16 12:54:29

But the more complaints the merrier!

Just disgusting.

I can't help wondering if there's any link to the Ched Evans case sad

Bluntness100 Sat 05-Nov-16 12:55:59

That's not remotely funny, I can't believe anyone would buy that.

PaperdollCartoon Sat 05-Nov-16 12:58:14

I'm rarely bothered by things like this but this is awful

duskonthelawn Sat 05-Nov-16 12:58:37

How can I complain about this? How revolting (and slightly terrifying, hope I'm not alone in feeling that?)

SpunkyMummy Sat 05-Nov-16 13:01:51

Just read an other thread about this.

DH and I have both complained to the company.

LeeFiora Sat 05-Nov-16 13:06:49

That's horrible sad

miwelaisjacydo Sat 05-Nov-16 13:08:51

That's awful

pinkpostitnote Sat 05-Nov-16 13:10:26

I felt quite sick when I saw it.

Mrsemcgregor Sat 05-Nov-16 13:10:27

Here's another corker they sell

pinkpostitnote Sat 05-Nov-16 13:10:54

Yes I saw that too.

Mrsemcgregor Sat 05-Nov-16 13:12:09

Wtf is wrong with them?

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