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To think this is this a little ironic?

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Cailleach1 Sat 05-Nov-16 11:43:56

Brexiteer campaigners were/are apparently exasperated at the EU timeline for trade deals. When/if the UK are non-EU, they would have great trade deals in no time with the countries all around the world. In today's Guardian, Vince Cable is quoted as saying the UK is one of the main blockers for the EU trade deal with India. Because India have a mobility clause they put in for their workers in their trade deals.

So, when the UK are desperately negotiating quick trade deals after Brexit, does that mean there will be a clause guaranteeing mobility for nigh on 1.252 BILLION people? Jeez, people will be looking at the good old days of 500 million.

"During the EU referendum, Eurosceptics pitched Brexit as an opportunity to shift the trade balance towards the Commonwealth. An EU-India trade agreement has been stalled for nine years, although the Liberal Democrat Vince Cable has accused May of causing the delay because of immigration concerns."

"The vehicle tariffs would remain a sticking point, as would a likely Indian push for an agreement to include easier access to visas for its workers. “Our whole issue is that of the mobility of our human capital,” Singh said."

Didn't the Brexiteers say no other trade agreements allowed movement of people? And now we find India puts it into their trade agreements. And the long timelines for the EU trade agreements are because they are being held up by the UK. Well, among others.

Cailleach1 Sat 05-Nov-16 12:35:13

Wow, this is from 6 yrs ago. Trade deals taking a long time. If you not desperate and are in a strong enough position to argue. Otherwise, it is all one way, I'd guess.

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