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to shave my mimsy over 2 days

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Winteriscominginnit Sat 05-Nov-16 08:39:24

You know how it is: it's been a while and when you finally tackle the forest you get exhausted halfway through/brand new razors become blunt, that you decide to do the rest the next day. With new energy. Can't just be me?

LapinR0se Sat 05-Nov-16 08:41:28

Mimsy? mimsy ?????
hmm confused

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Sat 05-Nov-16 08:42:09

What's a mimsy? Is it some sort of cactus ? Google is not being helpful

girlandboy Sat 05-Nov-16 08:43:08

Not sure what to say, other than I rather like the word "Mimsy" grin

NE14T Sat 05-Nov-16 08:43:31

I think a shaved cat will always look a bit odd tbh

Gileswithachainsaw Sat 05-Nov-16 08:43:33

You must be new to MN or you'd know the vulva brigade would be all over this grin

Shave don't shave do whatever you want. Call it what ever you want.

People need to get out more if this bugs then so much grin

Winteriscominginnit Sat 05-Nov-16 08:44:06

Oh I thought everyone used that grin vjj

Sparklingbrook Sat 05-Nov-16 08:44:16

I think it may be just you.....

baconandeggies Sat 05-Nov-16 08:44:18

"all mimsy were the borogroves"

Erm.. do what you like!

tellyjots Sat 05-Nov-16 08:45:01

Your 'mimsy'. Your rules.

ThymeLord Sat 05-Nov-16 08:45:02

Yeah it's just you.....

RainyDayBear Sat 05-Nov-16 08:46:05

... Mimsy?!

SporkLife Sat 05-Nov-16 08:46:20

grin I've never heard the word minsy before, yanbu I am often sporting one hairy leg, one shaven where I've just given up until the next day !

TupsNSups Sat 05-Nov-16 08:46:30

I thought I'd nailed my username but now I'm thinking I like 'MimsyFluff' better grin

Maudlinmaud Sat 05-Nov-16 08:46:32


TheOnlyLivingBoyInNewCross Sat 05-Nov-16 08:46:39

Mimsy? Really?

Radical notion, I know, but you could just not shave it?

Shakey15000 Sat 05-Nov-16 08:48:40

Mimsy???? Absolute perfect word to rhyme with whimsy.

TaterTots Sat 05-Nov-16 08:50:30

Only if you use this in between...

PhoenixJasmine Sat 05-Nov-16 08:51:52

Last week I managed to forget to shave one armpit, and it had been a month or so, so the unshaven pit was fairly furry. Went to yoga class and everything and only noticed two days later in the shower again grin (I had managed to wash between time without noticing!).

Anyhoo, nothing you choose to do or not do to your own pubic hair cannot possibly be unreasonable. Honestly no one cares, apart from you and perhaps any sexual partners you may have, but even then they don't have any kind of say over what level of depilation you choose.

There's also no need to use cute words for pubic hair or genitals, and you do risk ridicule if you choose to do so smile

Boundaries Sat 05-Nov-16 08:51:58

Mimsy = a portmanteau word, combining miserable and flimsy.

I think shaving something that is already miserable and flimsy over any number of days is cruel. Therefore YABU.

Soubriquet Sat 05-Nov-16 08:53:21

Mimsy grin

Makes that child's film, the last mimsy seem a bit weird now

Tootsiepops Sat 05-Nov-16 08:54:13

Now I'm trying to decide whether I find mimsy funnier than minky...

sweetkitty Sat 05-Nov-16 08:54:57

You need to keep up with the shaving, I'm a daily shaver every morning in the shower. It's my preference I don't like pubic hair.

Love the word mimsy though

GreatFuckability Sat 05-Nov-16 08:55:17

I don't shave mine ever. the sky is yet to fall.

i know a kid who calls her grandmother 'mimsy'. i shall now never be able to look this woman in the face ever again!

normastits5 Sat 05-Nov-16 08:55:58

Mimsy ? Never heard that one but quite like it. Do what you like with your own mimsy is what I say

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