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To postpone my son's party... or not?

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Bababluesheep Fri 04-Nov-16 11:04:40

I'd appreciate some advice. My little boy's 4th birthday party is booked for tomorrow. It's his first proper party and he's been looking forward to it for weeks. Yesterday, I had a call from nursery at about 11.30am to pick him up. He had been sick and had a high temp. He was sick again when I got him home, and even after Calpol temp went up to 40.3. He seemed very, very poorly. But after Nurofen and a long nap, he perked up, ate something and kept it down, and temp stayed down till bedtime. Only sign of illness was the start of a little cough. He had a good night and this morning he is full of beans and temp is only slightly raised (not even at 37.5 threshold though warm for him) but he is still coughing a bit and has a slightly runny nose. Now I don't know what to think or do. He could be right as rain tomorrow, and if he is not sick again he would technically be out of 48 hour exclusion period by time of party. But I know how these things can disappear then reappear, and that temp was so high yesterday... worst case scenario is he is ill/sick at party and/or other kids get it. Also nursery knows he was sick so if worst did happen and other parents found out they could be gunning for me (not that that is my main concern obvs). He will be SO disappointed if we cancel and I don't want to overreact, but I want to be responsible too. I'd wait and see if I could, but I don't have phone numbers for all the parents so need to let nursery know this afternoon so they can pass the message on. Any thoughts?

CaoNiMao Fri 04-Nov-16 11:24:02

I think I'd cancel if I were you. Disappointing for your son, but it's not worth the risk of the other kids catching it.

user1477282676 Fri 04-Nov-16 11:35:51

I wouldn't cancel it.

CupofTeaTime Fri 04-Nov-16 11:39:25

It sounds to me like he was sick because of his high temperature rather than a sick bug. If he'd had a bug it would have lasted longer and he wouldn't have eaten so quick afterwards. I'd be inclined to think he was starting with the cold (the runny nose you mentioned) and wouldn't cancel the party. So long as you keep his temperature down I'd be pretty sure he was going to be fine.

Mumofaboy123 Fri 04-Nov-16 13:11:22

Agree with cup of tea

Mumofaboy123 Fri 04-Nov-16 13:11:36

Also I hope he has a lovely party!

KayTee87 Fri 04-Nov-16 15:54:01

Agree with cup also. Hope he stays well overnight.

Juanbablo Fri 04-Nov-16 16:15:15

I wouldn't cancel if he will be out of the 48 hour zone and he stays well over night.

lougle Fri 04-Nov-16 16:18:00

Don't cancel. The 48 hour rule is 48 hours because it takes into account the going and coming back that you are thinking of when you are thinking of adding time on to the 48 hours!

Lalala82 Fri 04-Nov-16 16:24:13

I'd agree with cup too, you'd know by now if sick bug flowers

NoNutsPlease Fri 04-Nov-16 16:24:24

No way would I cancel. Hope he enjoys his party.

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