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To insist on family time

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Mollymoo78 Fri 04-Nov-16 00:03:41

My sister always tries to hijack all the things we do with our dd, wanting her dd (my niece) to do it too. It had happened several times - she picked the same swimming classes as us and managed to get us to drive her dd there all the time "as we were going anyway", she secretly enrolled her daughter on the same dance classes as dd and suddenly dd's achievements were completely overvshadowed by her bragging about her daughter.

Now my dd doesn't go to dance anymore but has a new hobby. We kept it quiet so my sister wouldn't hijack it again and dd could do something in her own right. Now it's come out and they all know because dd has been doing well and understandably wants to tell everyone. For once my dd is getting some recognition from the family! Guess what - my sister now wants us to take her daughter with us. My niece has no particular interest in this activity.

I've said no because it's our one bit of family time - it's an activity that me, dh and ds do with dd too. I really don't want it hijacked. My sister has took unbridge and moaned to my parents who have phoned me up today to call me unreasonable.

Am I unreasonable to want family time with just my little family? Am I supposed to always say yes if my sister invites herself? Am feeling so fed up with it all.

Sweets101 Fri 04-Nov-16 00:05:49

Yarbu. And your parents shouldn't be getting involved.
Unless you're all under 16 and living at home, which I presume you're not.

Mollymoo78 Fri 04-Nov-16 00:09:39

No we are in our thirties!! She is very manipulative of my parents unfortunately.

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