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Dog poo - rage

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rosegold33 Thu 03-Nov-16 19:55:59

New mum and have had to clean my pram wheels on average once a week - twice this week.

I purposely try to avoid but can't keep staring at the ground.

Why are some people lazy buggers!

ditzychick34 Thu 03-Nov-16 20:00:10

They are inconsiderate wankers

ThoraGruntwhistle Thu 03-Nov-16 20:00:36

Because they see dog ownership through starry eyes and just think of the cuddles and playing ball and lovely walks. Not the vets bills and picking up the shit. So unless there's someone around to see them, they decide to make the shit someone else's problem.

rosegold33 Thu 03-Nov-16 20:01:09

I could have screamed today! Surely people who leave it know it will be trod on!!

ThatGingerOne Thu 03-Nov-16 20:01:41

I carry a poo bag around with me now - if I ever see someone's dog shitting and them going to walk away I 'helpfully' offer one and stand, watching and waiting for them to pick it up grin

Fairybella Thu 03-Nov-16 20:04:21

We have played dodge the poop all week on arrange I see five every walk to school and one horse turd

WooWooChooChoo Thu 03-Nov-16 20:04:31

I'm a dog owner and it makes me cross too. It isn't difficult to clean up after your dog. It makes all dog owners look bad.

DaisyQueen Thu 03-Nov-16 20:05:35

I hate when people leave dog poo on the pavement, my very mischievous 2yo once actually veered off to the left to jump in some squeeling something about peppa pig and I had to throw her shoes in the bin because it makes me so ill. The streets where I live are atrocious and just walking to school is like navigating a shit minefield. I don't understand why dog owners think it's acceptable, I'm 99% sure if it was outside of their own front gate it wouldn't be left.

Rumtopf Thu 03-Nov-16 20:06:54

It's very annoying.

I'm the person who stops the car, winds down the window and hollers "cooeee, it looks like you've forgotten your poo bag! Here's a spare!" Whilst waving a bright pink poo bag in the air.

You're right, it's sheer laziness.

MiddleAgeMiddleEngland Thu 03-Nov-16 20:08:57

There should be a quick and easy DNA test and the fines should be massive. Dog impounded on second offence.

glitterandtinsel Thu 03-Nov-16 20:09:03

It really pisses me off too. Also people who don't pick up their dog's poo because it's in the long grass in the nature reserve. My dog rolls in it., especially if it runny.

PlumsGalore Thu 03-Nov-16 20:10:22

I hear you sister, dog shit and litter boil piss.

RetroImp Thu 03-Nov-16 20:12:06

Eeek I'm a dog owner and I hate it too. A) Because it is just plain anti-social and B.) I get the flack and frustration by those stepping into it by association. Cannot begin to count the number of times I went to pick up my dogs poop only to step into that of others. That said, in my area though, I am pleased to say you don't see any mess on pavements or in the local park nowadays. Think it is a mixture of dog owners becoming more responsible and hefty on the spot fines.

averylongtimeago Thu 03-Nov-16 20:14:26

Dog owner here, yanbu! I hate it when irresponsible twats don't pick up after their pets. And as for those who do pick up, but then chuck the bag in a tree....hanging, drawing and quatering would be a good punishment.

stitchglitched Thu 03-Nov-16 20:18:17

My nearly 2 year old fell in some a couple of months ago, we were taking an evening walk along a nature path and she ended up covered in it. I was raging. Our local paths seem to be covered in it, but when I posted about it on our community page every dog walker I ever see rushed to say they always pick up after themselves. Well someone must be leaving it!

alwayshappy101 Thu 03-Nov-16 20:27:21

This is my pet hate.

It fills me with so much rage when people don't pick up after their dogs!

I just want to shake the owners and scream in their faces "IF YOU DON'T WANT TO PICK UP POO THEN DON'T GET A DOG YOU DIRTY GROT"

I'm fed up having to constantly wash dog poo off shoes and pram wheels.people really need to pick up after their dogs.

These owners make me very very angry angry

SusanneLinder Thu 03-Nov-16 20:30:46

I am a dog owner, and it bugs the shit ( sorry), out of me too. I can't imagine not picking up after my dogs

Katy07 Thu 03-Nov-16 20:37:41

Most of us dog owners do pick up after our dogs. Don't blame dog owners en-masse, just the lazy ones.

rosegold33 Thu 03-Nov-16 20:39:23

I'd definitely say if I seen someone who didn't pick it up. In fact they would get the wrath of the 9 times I've had to scrap it off pram wheels and shoes.

Didn't even consider toddlers falling on it

In 1 day I drove the pram through 2 dog shits and stepped in one angry

minniemoi Thu 03-Nov-16 20:46:42

I'm a dog owner and it drives me nuts.
It's easy to lift the poo!
I worry that people will think I'm leaving my dogs poo lying when I'm out walking, I'm almost relieved to be carrying a bag full of poo along with me
What gets me is that surely the people who leave it lying will be playing 'dodge the poo' on their next walk of the route??

PlayOnWurtz Thu 03-Nov-16 20:59:20

On the same token can people stop having a pop at me for "not clearing up" after my dog.

She's female.

You can't bag and bin a wee.

GinAndOnIt Thu 03-Nov-16 21:05:27

I had no idea how bad it was on pavements! I lived in London for a while and there was one day I rolled the pram in poo, and it was incredibly annoying. It was a rare occurrence though.

Sorry some dog owners can be so crap. The smell just never goes does it. I'm a dog owner but we only walk in our own fields.

IreallyKNOWiamright Thu 03-Nov-16 21:10:07

Because they are dicks. I have health issues but still pick my dogs poo up. So a normal person can..

AnUtterIdiot Thu 03-Nov-16 21:17:27

I always bag my dog's poos. If I don't have bags I ask another walker or knock on the nearest door (but then I live in a fairly self contained ruralish estate on the edge of town where we all know each other - possibly would not do that if I still lived in Camberwell).

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