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To feel uncomfortable with df outburst

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user1473509591 Thu 03-Nov-16 14:46:55

My df and her dp is going through a rough patch at the moment. We've haven't caught up in ages but I popped into see her at home today for a catch up and she started telling me about her relationship problems. She ranted about her dp, and how disgusting she finds him because he's putting weight on and snacking. She said she's worried he's going to make her child fat, and how disgusting she finds fat people and their sedentary lifestyles and how it completely turns her off. What made me feel uncomfortable is I'm larger myself, a size 20, and also how she would feel if the gender roles were reversed and it was her boyfriend telling her she's fat and disgusting. She's lost alot of weight and is now taking her weight loss really seriously and it just made me feel really self conscious.
Aibu to tell her how her attitude made me feel or try not to take it personally?

user1477282676 Thu 03-Nov-16 22:48:09

She's highly insensitive but it's also probable that she sees beyond your weight and to her, you're just you. My DH had a very unfortunate moment last year when he commented about a similar issue to hs friend and then later, realised that his friend is very large as is his little boy.

The friend dumped DH smartly and DH learned his lesson. My point is that DH simply never thought of his mate as overweight.

JellyBelli Thu 03-Nov-16 22:51:55

YANBU, she sounds like a born again dieter. Hopefully she wont put all the weight back on and find herself disgusting.

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