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To think people are just trying to self sooth when it comes to TRUMP

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Thefishewife Wed 02-Nov-16 10:35:32

I keep hearing well if trump wins he won't be able to go mad there are balances that are in place those balnces only work if both houses are democrats if they however are republican then less gun contral , abortion restrictions anti gay laws and loosing of race relation laws are all To come

I think there is a lot of self soothing going here people saying well he won't be able to go mad are just trying to comfort themselves and if any one is in any doubt out the republicans will to Philly bust ,repeal and block laws the republicans have tried to overturn Obama care 60 times since Obama has been in power

The only hope for the us and and likey the rest of the world is a trump presidency with both houses being democratic otherwise were fucked oh and we would all equally be fucked if Hillary wins and both houses become republican

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