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To call her on her bullshit

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badabing36 Wed 02-Nov-16 00:49:35

Ok so my sister can be incredibly mean and venomous if you cross her. She is better than she used to be but there is always that edge there, so with that in mind WIBU to tell her off for this?:

Today we're having lunch with dm,dsis and my baby. We start talking about the new £5 notes and my dsis some of them are worth money the ones with the serial no.s AA01... and other AA ones especially.

I look at the one I have it's AA06.... she googles it and tells me it's only worth a fiver. I believe her and spend it in the next shop. Come home talk to dp and google it out of interest people are selling AA06... ones on eBay for £50 or £100. It's not a huge amount but it's way more than a fiver.

Dp thinks I'm stupid for listening to her as she has form bullshitting and not admitting she's wrong. He also thinks I should be the bigger person and not say anything cause stuff like this is not worth fighting over. That I'm a lovely person and need to rise above crap like this. I know he's right but....

It's crazy though right? I mean why lie? Why would my good luck hurt her? It's just spiteful isn't it?


ThisIsReallyNotMyName Wed 02-Nov-16 01:02:44

Don't waste your obviously superior brain thinking about her. She sounds like a right cow and incredibly stupid.

Bogeyface Wed 02-Nov-16 01:28:28

She is a nasty jealous person and you are way better than her, so yes you should rise above it.

However...if you are a petty person like I would be minded to say to her next time "Oh you know that fiver?! I didnt spend it after all, I thought I had and DH had an AA one too, so we sold them on ebay and its paid for Xmas! Thanks SO MUCH for telling us about it!"


Bogeyface Wed 02-Nov-16 01:28:51

like I am, I would be...

Bogeyface Wed 02-Nov-16 01:30:15

And to put it into context for you, if I had told my sister about it and she had one, she would sell it and then treat me. I know she would, and I would do the same. Not 50/50 but we would certainly treat the other to lunch or a little gift as a thank you.

NeedsAsockamnesty Wed 02-Nov-16 01:39:56

Do you think she was being spiteful or that she just didn't know?

Sprink Wed 02-Nov-16 02:15:39

Who knows how she searched or what the results were? I just googled and got similar:

Do yourself a favour and let it go.

QueenLizIII Wed 02-Nov-16 02:15:55

It is only worth what someone will pay for it. The fact that they are on ebay for £50-£100 means they havent been bought IYSWIM.

You dont seriously think someone will pay this much do you.

QueenLizIII Wed 02-Nov-16 02:17:36

Your sister was right it is only the AA01 bank notes.

However, there are believed to be 999,999 others with the prefix AA01, and notes like that have been selling on eBay for upwards of £161, with one changing hands for £227.

But people will try and flog the later ones like AA06

QueenLizIII Wed 02-Nov-16 02:18:23

SO yes you would BVU to tell her off as she is correct.

DeathStare Wed 02-Nov-16 05:58:40

Firstly, it looks like she was right.

Secondly even if she was wrong, she probably didn't know she was. If you wanted to know for sure you should have checked yourself.

Thirdly, you wouldn't have known any of them were worth anything anyway if she hadn't said something so you'd have spent it in the next shop anyway.

You are completely over reacting and sound extremely hard work. And your DH is shit stirring between you and your family. Keep an eye on that.

NotYoda Wed 02-Nov-16 06:22:44

I think this is a silly thing to get het up about. She probably doesn't know.

badabing36 Wed 02-Nov-16 06:43:26

Yeah I'm letting it go just needed to vent. Was kind of using mn as a spiteful diary. Obviously am not the bigger person in the cold light of day.

QueenLz you're right who knows if people selling them on eBay are going to get the money for them.

I know she checked cause my mum said she had AL and dsis said immediately that's not worth anything, then she checked for ages with mine.

Yeah I guess it's petty. It just annoying because she's always going on about how clever she is with money always getting fantastic deals on insurance etc. I know if she had one she'd put it on eBay make a profit and then tell you all about it.

badabing36 Wed 02-Nov-16 06:47:38

Also wouldn't have spent it straight away as I had kept it for a week cause I thought it was cool in itself.

badabing36 Wed 02-Nov-16 06:56:13

Ok now, feeling a bit small and mean spirited. Thank you for showing me my mistake. Eating humble pie now, and thanking god my poor dsis is not on mn (hopefully).

WankingMonkey Wed 02-Nov-16 21:35:35

Are they actually selling for that, or are they listed for that? DH got all excited the other day as his serial number matched a note that was for sale for 1k. But clicking on the 'sold listings' part showed it really sold for a fiver..

WankingMonkey Wed 02-Nov-16 21:36:37

I am so sorry. I had this thread on my laptop as I was reading it yesterday and had forgot to turn it off. Didn't realise more replies were added until I posted and I see what I said has already been said blush

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