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To think people shouldn't do this?!

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HannahHut Tue 01-Nov-16 23:33:08

Now I know its cold season but oh my god if you're in line at a shop do not wetly blow your nose in a gross used hanky or tissue and then reach into your pocket with the same hand and hand over your money to me! Maybe IBU but if this makes anyone think twice its worth it!

(Also equally as grim: Men with their hands down their pants taking it out to hand me money with that same hand.)

KingJoffreysRestingCuntface Tue 01-Nov-16 23:35:24

What about sweaty boob cash??


Only1scoop Tue 01-Nov-16 23:36:01


HannahHut Tue 01-Nov-16 23:36:51

Being handed cash that is weirdly warm or wet is the most repulsive thing. Blergh

Although I do approve of boob phone holding grin

griffinsss Tue 01-Nov-16 23:39:31


I'm the freak that carries hand sanitizer around everywhere, though, just in case.

PoppyPicklesPenguin Tue 01-Nov-16 23:40:55

Think snot coins are the least of your worries tbh...

Who knows what else they have been up to in private.

PoppyPicklesPenguin Tue 01-Nov-16 23:42:45

I somehow missed the crotch coins... really do they do that, surely they are just rummaging in their pockets not their actual under garments.

You know what actually I don't think I want to know!!

KingJoffreysRestingCuntface Tue 01-Nov-16 23:44:35

Aren't coins and cash notoriously filthy?

Checkout staff should be given disposable gloves.

Permanentlyexhausted Tue 01-Nov-16 23:45:02

YANBU and people who allow their children to chomp in the supermarket, giving the item to the cashier to scan before handing it back to the child would do well to remember that!

HannahHut Tue 01-Nov-16 23:45:49

Poppy No, they stand in line with typical hand down pants and in boxers as I've seen many guys do (apparently if they don't hold it, it falls off or something?!) And they then get to me, take that hand out of their pants and then put that hand in their pocket to hand me the change. Its very common place.

I know worse probably happens at home but I can block it out - unlike when I see it happen right infront of me!

Tisgrand Wed 02-Nov-16 01:07:33

My dd works in a shop and she is frequently freaked out by being handed crotch money, where the customer has stored notes in their underpants (always men) and sock money. Both of which are always warm, damp and smelly! She gets through a whole lot of hand sanitizer.

Aibohphobia Wed 02-Nov-16 06:49:52

I think you're being very unreasonable. How else can they blow their nose? I can't stand habitual sniffers so I know which I'd prefer.

Aibohphobia Wed 02-Nov-16 06:51:51

Also forgot to say, when I was a student and working in a bar in SA, I used to keep my tips in my socks in case I was mugged (as I was several times). I always had enough rand in my purse to make sure I could give them something but often spent damp sock money blush

mymilkshakes00 Wed 02-Nov-16 07:01:13

Oh please. Just have a hand sanitizer next to you and clean hands after handing money.

PoppyPicklesPenguin Wed 02-Nov-16 08:00:24

That is really repulsive I feel lucky never to have witnessed this.

Another good reason to use self check out where possible, sorry that doesn't help you much OP maybe a hazmat suit is the way forward smile

That is really disgusting

MLGs Wed 02-Nov-16 08:01:52

that's grim. contact less payment is the way forward if people can't behave.

HannahHut Wed 02-Nov-16 08:50:43

One of the places I work at doesn't have hand sanitize but the other place I work at does. Only problem is when you use it very often it drys out and chaps hands painfully!

I'm not saying don't blow your nose, just maybe wash your hands right after (I always do this) or give me the money with your other hand. Literally seeing someone do it right infront of your face is awful.

8misskitty8 Wed 02-Nov-16 09:29:02

I used to work In a supermarket on checkouts when the children were wee.
You saw all sorts there.
Boob money was the worst especially if they were visually sweaty or smelly. I used to hold notes by the corner as it was vile, customer would then usually look at me angrily, especially if I then used hand sanatiser. Couldn't care less what they thought, expecting me to handle their wet, warm sweat covered money is disgusting. They'd be the first to complain if I handed them sweaty money or if I was whiffy.

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