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To be unhappy with the way I was treated at FPC

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boffin9207 Tue 01-Nov-16 12:21:23

Mumsnet has always been useful for me as a lurker but I could really do with a second opinion on this. Apologies if this is a long post.

After over year of problems on the mini pill (increased frequency of irregular bleeding to just bleeding all the time) which led to multiple exams/tests and changing the dose and brand, my GP said to stop taking it and look at the copper coil instead. GP doesn't offer it so went to the local GUM clinic.

I had a pre-coil advice appoitnment with a nurse and was booked in at a local hospital FPC. I went along for my appointment yesterday and the nurse was really abrupt. No eye contact when calling me through, just walked ahead of me etc. I even told her I was pretty nervous about it all. She questioned why I was having copper instead of mirena and explained my history and she told me that GPs don't know anything, that they know better because they are the experts which kind of ruffled my feathers. Anyway, on to the procedure which hurt like hell. I have never had children and was nervous which no doubt affected my experience. I lay down, she shoved a finger in (which hurt!) and then put the speculum in. With no lubrication. The nurse then applied some local anaesthetic and it continued with the fiting. I opted for deep breathing and felt as though I was going to pass out, which I told her. I was given a glucose tablet, told to lay down for 20 minutes and sent on my way. I wasn't given any aftercare advice - and from what friends and the internet have said, it seems most nurses are slightly kinder and give you at the very least a sanitary towel to deal with the bleeding that occurs after.

Today I rang my local GUM clinic to find out where I could go for my follow up so I could avoid this particular nurse (they work on rotation in the area) and try to get an appointment rather than a walk in as I work FT. During the course of my conversation with the receptionist, she encouraged me to make a complaint and passed my details on to someone more senior, who rang me this morning. This person apologised for the nurse's manner and also said the following to me:
- they don't use KY jelly for speculum exams as it affects test results so don't order it in [I should mention that I had one at my local clinic last year and they used lubrication]
- that mirena is not hormonal and they prefer to fit that over the copper coil

I've never had a speculum exam without lubrication before (I've had about 4 in the last year) and the mirena is a hormonal type of contraception. I can't help but feel like I have been fobbed off a little. I don't want to be awkward or difficult but part of me feels as though I should complain formally to the NHS Trust because I would hate for someone else to go through what I went through.

mrsm12 Wed 02-Nov-16 09:34:52

That sounds like a horrible experience, i think you should follow it up purely for all the women who will come after you

boffin9207 Thu 03-Nov-16 21:04:34

Thank you, mrsm12 - I have written to the hospital's complaints team and hopefully will hear back.

I wasn't given any aftercare advice - does anyone know if it is normal for me to feel pain if I press down on my lower abdomen? Or for it to feel uncomfortable when using the loo?

AnnaleeP Thu 03-Nov-16 21:28:53

It takes a few days to settle in. Give it til Monday or so before you go back. They should have offered a follow up appt anyway to make sure you were happy.

Sounds a dreadful experience. I went to a FPC to get mine done, the nurses were lovely and it was over in a minute. Bit of period like cramping but nothing painful. I would definitely complain.

ThisisMrsNicolaHicklin Thu 03-Nov-16 21:44:06

That nurse sounds vile and the person on the phone sounds incompetent.
Mirena does have a hormone, it's what's in the barrel shaped bit on the stem.
Gel does affect the tests but anyone can learn to apply it to the speculum in such a way that it doesn't. They could have used water at a pinch. They sound crap.

ThisisMrsNicolaHicklin Thu 03-Nov-16 21:47:51

Actually, I can't see from your OP that you were having tests taken so there was no reason at all to subject you to the discomfort of an unlubricated speculum. Definitely complain and as it seems to be a clinic wide policy to subject women to unnecessary discomfort complain at the level above them, trust board maybe?

MammaTJ Thu 03-Nov-16 21:50:09

Mirena is hormonal, no doubt about that.

A receptionist should not be giving that or any other medical advice. complain about her, when you complain about the nurse, to be honest!

Really not sure about the lubricant affecting the result of an exam, but you weren't there for that, so it is irrelevant, you were there for a coil fitting.

I think ringing tomorrow, maybe 111, for advice about the pain, if it hasn't settled down would be a good idea!

In the mean time, take brufen, if you are able to, to help with the pain!

boffin9207 Thu 03-Nov-16 21:52:26

My follow up appointment isn't for another month. I called 111 this evening and was advised to see a medical practitioner within the next 12 hours. Will be calling the GP first thing!

boffin9207 Fri 04-Nov-16 00:37:55

Thanks all -sorry your comments only seem to have just come through on my computer so apologies for a slightly abrupt response earlier!

MammaTJ - it wasn't the receptionist that said that, it was a manager, although I have no idea if it the manager was also a nurse or simply trying to cover her staff.

I wasn't having any tests taken but previous tests I have had done with lubrication. My mum also told me that she has always had pap smears with lube.

Anyway, I called 111 and they have told me to see someone as I mentioned above - they ended up getting an out of hours GP appointment for tonight and at my OH insistence, I went. He was pretty adamant on not waiting around. I was kind of happy to wait and see but can see his logic - that it started to seemingly settle for me and then got worse. Apparently it shouldn't feel like a tampon is inside of me and my belly is very tender and the GP was concerned it could have perforated my uterus so referred me for an X-ray in A&E. However the A&E nurse and I spoke about it at some length and told me that it could just be the side effects and given that no aftercare advice was given too I should get it checked out. She arranged for me to go back first thing rather than spend half the night hanging around A&E and told me that she had had the same as me and gave me some tips. The care I got tonight was most probably the most helpful!

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