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to return one item

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cjt110 Tue 01-Nov-16 11:35:45

I bought an item from Argos for DS. It was a delivery only item to the value of £10.99. When placing the order I gave my work address. I'm 99% certain she mentioned my work address, then said she could find the address but not the business name. I said could she key over it and then said oh dont worry and gave her my home address instead.

I got the item delivered to work yesterday. Thought nothing of it.

Got home, parcel on cooker from Argos. Same item. Was puzzled until I remember the course of events up there.

So would you return an item saying its not suitable and think their mistake, my fortune, or would you call and say theyve delivered 2 of the same item?

Mrsemcgregor Tue 01-Nov-16 11:37:20

I would return it or keep it to gift to someone else. But I am a terrible person!

PeachMelba78 Tue 01-Nov-16 11:38:29

Call them, they will probably tell you to keep them both but then your conscience is clear.

atticusclaw2 Tue 01-Nov-16 11:40:17

I had the same thing happen once with a £3,000 diamond ring.

I sent the duplicate back (but my DM has always insisted I shouldn't have!)

Soubriquet Tue 01-Nov-16 11:44:20

Meh. I would keep it tbh.

Argos are not exactly a small independent company are they

cjt110 Tue 01-Nov-16 11:45:11

Im very tempted to return one of the items and use the cash for something else for DS

Bluntness100 Tue 01-Nov-16 11:46:39

Are you sure you haven't been charged twice?

DesignedForLife Tue 01-Nov-16 11:48:18

I'd check you haven't been charged twice first.

KayTee87 Tue 01-Nov-16 11:49:40

I'm really surprised at everyone saying keep it, if you've only paid for one you only keep one. Anything else is theft surely? And I'm really not a goody two shoes. For the sake of £11 you'd steal something?

Soubriquet Tue 01-Nov-16 11:50:13

Ah I get what you mean CJ

I like that idea too. As long as you haven't been charged twice

cjt110 Tue 01-Nov-16 11:52:27

Definitely just one charge on the receipt.

Soubriquet Tue 01-Nov-16 11:54:22

I would do it

Like I said, Argos are not a small independent company and are very unlikely to notice the loss

luckylucky24 Tue 01-Nov-16 11:55:52

Id send it back and cash in.
This has happened to me a couple times with amazon.

Goingtobeawesome Tue 01-Nov-16 12:10:28

I would ring and tell them you've ordered X and due to the assistants confusion over your address you've received one at home and one at work. They'll then say what needs to happen. If they say keep you can with a clear conscience and then maybe gift it to the MN santa appeal.

BeMorePanda Tue 01-Nov-16 12:12:17

then maybe gift it to the MN santa appeal
yeah of course she will hmm

Goingtobeawesome Tue 01-Nov-16 12:14:29

It was just a thought..

Manumission Tue 01-Nov-16 12:27:39

Why would you be tempted? They just made a mistake.

A mistake made in the course of trying to get your address accurate.

Ring them and ask them to arrange collection. They'll probably tell you to keep it anyway.

Katedotness1963 Tue 01-Nov-16 12:31:26

Return it. You didn't pay for it.

Rachyabbadabbadoo Tue 01-Nov-16 12:34:21

I had a similar thing happen to me earlier this year, when Clarks sent me x2 pairs of shoes instead of one. I did some research and legally you should tell them, and give them the chance to recover the goods. This must be done at no inconvenience or cost to you (so you don't have to deliver them back to a shop, etc). I did tell Clarks, and their customer service was awful, just standard canned email replies telling me to take it back to a shop. I don't live near their shop so would involve travel/parking expenses, etc. They said they don't offer a collection service - so I told them that I don't offer a delivery service either! Ended up stalemate for me. Kept the shoes but did make every attempt to tell them and arrange for them to collect. Chances are if it's such low value it doesn't make sense for them to collect, check, etc, and resell. Hope it works in your favour!

Abraiid2 Tue 01-Nov-16 12:49:39

Obviously you tell them they have made a mistake and ask them to send a courier at a time convenient to you.

SoupDragon Tue 01-Nov-16 12:51:39

Tell them they've made a mistake.

mammybops Tue 01-Nov-16 13:35:46

If you keep it without giving Argos a chance to recover their goods then you are stealing.

There is no such thing as victimless crime, at some point someone else will have to pay for that product through higher prices or through salary deduction if they punish the person who was actually trying to help you.

Some people are fine with that on their conscience...I wouldn't be.

Sonders Tue 01-Nov-16 14:24:19

I'd tell Argos, I've had this 'issue' a few times and always been told to keep the duplicate.

So far I've got an £80 terrarium, brand new DS game, some fairy lights and a fancy headphone splitter thing. All from different shops too!

Even if they want it back, you're not out anything.

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