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To complain to my neighbour

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leanback Mon 31-Oct-16 23:21:18

It is twenty past eleven and what does the neighbour in the flat above me think he needs to do. Exercise. He has been jumping around and rolling his exercise thingy for almost an hour now. He does this regularly and it is so so loud but at this time it really takes the biscuit.

Wibu to complain! He also regularly plays music really loudly (we think he's a dj). Our flats have been badly converted so you can hear literally everything so jumping up and down seems pretty inconsiderate especially so late.

IMissGrannyW Mon 31-Oct-16 23:22:47

I'd knock on his door.

Looking as tired as possible, and in my pjs.

Look woeful. Ask him if he's going to be long.

Play bagpipes at 6:30 am!

leanback Mon 31-Oct-16 23:23:58

Last time he was playing really loud music at half ten in the evening we knocked for ages but it was so loud he couldn't hear us knocking! We ended up complaining to landlord.

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