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To be on the defensive about this? (Work)

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NapQueen Mon 31-Oct-16 21:08:22

Line manager has been off for the October break. Prior to her going we had an outstanding enquiry. Three departments are involved in trying to resolve it.

Whilst she was away I have been in work only two days (she schedules me) - one was a weekday and one a Sunday. The enquiry is financial and cannot be dealt with on a weekend.

I know for a fact she is going to take issue with me for it still being outstanding on her return.

In my head I'm prepared and want to calmly get across
*I've had one business day at work. I attempted to make contact and have this resolved however I had no response.
*the other departments involved are actually more suited to chasing the matter than me.
*the only involvement I ever had was a single instruction from Department A to do "x" to the enquiry and now my name is on it so my line manager is chasing me
*I have attempted to get Dept. A to resolve it too, however they've pushed back.
*Dept. C are finance and the matter involves lack of payment of agreed funds. My office doesn't deal with debt.

I don't want to be a shirker. I really don't. But I can feel this coming and know what she is like.

DoJo Mon 31-Oct-16 21:18:11

Could you get in first - either go to see her or send an email outlining the points you have made above so that you are not 'defending' yourself so much as giving her a progress report?

NapQueen Mon 31-Oct-16 21:21:01

Good plan

I'm in at 7am so will tackle it head on from a positive stand. I've already logged my progress on the enquiry digitally and she's been in today (I was off), so she will already know by now that it isn't resolved. I just don't know if she will have considered why from my point. I think she will think "I've been off ten days and it's still outstanding, nap queen has had long enouvh". When really I haven't.

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