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More of a WWYD - DS nursery

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Hoppityfuckingvoosh Mon 31-Oct-16 14:00:38

DS turns three soon and so is eligible for a place at a private kindergarten (affiliated with my work). I'm torn between taking the place and letting him stay at his current nursery. Looking for opinions:

1) Across the road from my work. Can drop off at 8.30 and be at my desk for 8.35. Don't need to pick him up until 6 (but would likely get him 4.30ish)

2) Current situation means I can't drop him until 8 and not getting in until nearer 9.

3) £100 a month cheaper for his full time place vs. 3 days at current nursery

4) Really great reputation. Think DS would love the learning.

1) Central location means that I'd have to do every pick up/drop off. Parking/getting out during rush hour would be a nightmare for his dad.

2) Walk from train station is 15m uphill at a fast pace. God knows how long with a 3 year old.

3) I'm off one day a week and usually spend with DS. He'd be expected to attend the full week, so no DS/me day.

4) He's not going to the affiliated school when he's old enough - can't afford it. He'd make friends and then not go to school with them. He loves his current friends at nursery too.

I'm really torn.

CarrotVan Mon 31-Oct-16 14:57:08

And if you have a day off sick you still have the trek to work to drop him off and pick him up...

If you change jobs you need to change childcare...

user1469456533 Mon 31-Oct-16 15:23:21

As i was reading i was thinking where could the cons be but they're all really valid points. I'd leave him where he is, especially if he's happy there and has friends.

BackforGood Mon 31-Oct-16 15:30:18

2) and 3) would be good reasons not to move him, for me, followed by Carrotvan's 4) and 5).
Presumably his fees will come down next term where he is anyway, as his EEE funding will kick in.

PeachMelba78 Mon 31-Oct-16 15:47:10

We have this with my 4 year old. He goes 1 day a week to the affiliated nursery and the other days to the state one. It means that we have one long day where we can both get a lot done and he still gets to be with his friends at his usual nursery. Is this an option?

Gatehouse77 Mon 31-Oct-16 15:56:18

I wouldn't factor in the friends point as that will be a fluid part of his life for many years to come.

Ultimately, which is the most convenient for you? If your current arrangement works are you only considering the change because you've been presented with it?

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