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What age did you take your child trick or treating?

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PaperStars Mon 31-Oct-16 10:04:05

My ds just turned 4 he has a costume for nursery today and my bil is taking his 2 year old out trick or treating later. I never went when I was young as parents didn't believe in it so not sure if 4 is an ok age to go or too young? Also what sort of time are you meant to go? And do you knock on every door or just people you know or have decorations up? Sorry if these questions seem stupid!

ByeByeLilSebastian Mon 31-Oct-16 10:07:23

About 4 with mine. We only did a couple of streets at that age though.
You tend to go for the houses that have signalled they are happy for trick or treaters by decorating or have put a pumpkin out.

Have fun!

ByeByeLilSebastian Mon 31-Oct-16 10:08:32

P's we went about 5.30. Give him dinner first or he'll fill up on sweets and then refuse to eat!

RebeccaWithTheGoodHair Mon 31-Oct-16 10:21:36

Same here, about age 4 with DD for a quick go around the houses closest to us. As it's a school day this year we'll head off about 5.30pm for about half an hour, last year we went later and stayed out a bit longer as it was a weekend.

Best bit is leaving DP to deal with the trick or treaters at our door, ha ha, he has to engage with local children. I'm sure it goes him the world of good!

MiaowTheCat Mon 31-Oct-16 10:25:31

My 4 year old wants to go out this year, I've compromised with my usual stance of being anti-ToT (I usually just draw the curtains and ignore the door) by saying I'll put some halloween tat in the window and she can answer the door and give out sweeties.

Caboodle Mon 31-Oct-16 10:40:01

2! DM has taken all of mine when babies but only to the neighbours who knew not to be too scary, and she took them out as soon as it went dark. DH has taken them 'proper' ToT from about 6. I answer the door first, especially later on, as some costumes are scary! Littlest DC wants to stay in and hand out sweets but will be very scared by some outfits.

clare2307 Mon 31-Oct-16 10:47:55

3.5 for ours but only to close neighbours who she knew. Last year, at 6, was the first year we went out of our own, very small, cul de sac but even then it was only to a few houses at the end of the street and only those who clearly had lights on/pumpkin/decorations etc...

user1471434605 Mon 31-Oct-16 11:02:35

As soon as they could toddle! We lived in a suburb at the time that was thronged with children as soon as the sun went down and most of the neighbours had treats, so just doing two streets meant they got a pretty big haul. :D

Juanbablo Mon 31-Oct-16 11:07:01

Ds1 had turned 3 a week before Halloween the first year we took him and dd was 8 months then. Ds2 was also 8 months.

PeggyMitchell123 Mon 31-Oct-16 11:16:54

Have taken ds out every year since he was born, I have much younger cousins and they always do a Halloween evening and then trick or treating and have always been there. I don't know what age I would have taken him if it was just him. He is now 3 and is asking to go out tonight so he does fully understand it.

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