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To change baby after every 'wet fart'

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Applesauce29 Mon 31-Oct-16 03:02:40

Newborn poops about 10 times a day. I usually change her every feed, tho if she has wind I'll change her again (sometimes two / three times if I'm up with her and she won't settle after feeding during the night). Husband thinks I should just put on cream and leave her unless lots of poop, and not disturb her so much. I don't know what's best to do - just wish she'd sleep without the near 2 hour episodes of rocking / feeding / changing at night!

Haggisfish Mon 31-Oct-16 03:05:15

I wouldn't change unles there's actual poo, so a fart, no. The time does get longer between nappies quickly!

Ohdearducks Mon 31-Oct-16 03:08:02

Yanbu would DH like to sleep with sharty pants all night?

Keep changing her, it will settle down soon but leaving it will lead to a very sore bum- not nice for little DD.

AppleMagic Mon 31-Oct-16 03:09:13

Imo Any poo and they need changing. Wee absorbs so is fine.

Ohdearducks Mon 31-Oct-16 03:09:53

To be clear I do only mean if she has poo, wee nappies are not so bad with the level of absorbency of nappies these days.

DorotheaHomeAlone Mon 31-Oct-16 03:24:35

Every pop needs changing if she'll get nappy rash, which is horrible. She'll poo less soon.

Aibohphobia Mon 31-Oct-16 03:27:08

What do you mean by wet fart? If you mean a skid mark then I'd leave it and let her sleep.

Why do you change her if she has wind?

SpotTheDuck Mon 31-Oct-16 06:03:15

Definitely change her for any poo. If she sits with poo in her nappy (even a little) she'all get nappy rash, which is really horrible and hard to shift once she's got it.

At that age you do change a LOT of nappies, but the rate slows down pretty quickly.

whothefuckhas5children Mon 31-Oct-16 06:14:35

You do need to change for every little shart - it's a pain in the arse (see what I did there grin) but nappy rash is just so awful and difficult to get rid of. It's not just a matter of putting lots of cream on as a barrier. my 16 month old has really bad nappy rash over the last 6 months and it's awful to see their little skin bleeding and red raw. I wouldn't wish it on him and certainly not on a new born baby.
It's not worth it. Poor you - the new born phase seems relentless but it does get easier - I promise.

Alorsmum Mon 31-Oct-16 06:20:46

I remember one of my babies did this and it was so annoying so many changes. But yes any little skiddy poo and you must change, the poo reacts with the wee and is kind of acidic on their delicate skin (not correct scientificially) but really really bad for causing nappy rash and nappy rash is so horrible for them

YoHoHoandabottleofTequila Mon 31-Oct-16 06:25:04

Poo yes, wee no.

BeverlyGoldberg Mon 31-Oct-16 06:26:18

I would change her after every shart. There's bacteria in the poo which can spread, plus as PP have said she could get nappy rash. Mainly though because I wouldn't like to sit in pants with shit on them.

It gets easier. On a good day my DD does one nice big poo a day and if I'm lucky that falls when she's at nursery!

MiscellaneousAssortment Mon 31-Oct-16 06:30:01

As YoHo pithily writes:

"Poo yes, wee no"

(I'm not quite sure why you change her after winding her? 'Bottom burps' are fine and nothing to do with changing nappies, unless she poos, in which case it isn't a fart, it's a poo! I'd take the farts out of the equation and just stick with the whole 'poo yes, wee no' thing).

dangermouseisace Mon 31-Oct-16 06:32:42

definitely needs changing if there is any poo as otherwise your poor baby will have a red raw bum.

Unfortunately the 2 hourly routine is a common newborn one. It'll calm down within a few weeks and you'll be likely to just have the one nappy all night (most of the time).

My BF son went from poo with every feed to one poo-a-ghedon once every 5 days!

ButtMuncher Mon 31-Oct-16 06:35:50

If she's expelling any kind of poo, yes change. If it's just a fart, or wind - don't need to, it will wake her up each time which will dramatically increase the time it takes to get her down again. Also, as she starts to take more milk, setting her down so soon after a feed to change her will end up in her probably spitting up a lot, if not projectile vomiting.

It's not easy - DS only goes once/twice a day now (is. 6w old) but has never poo'd tonnes - he stores it for explosive mid morning shits grin

Mol1628 Mon 31-Oct-16 06:43:21

My youngest would shart often. Leaving a little yellow streak. It had to be changed ASAP or he got sore.

TataEs Mon 31-Oct-16 06:53:03

ds2 had to be changed at least 10 times in a 24h period, often more for a long time... it was like the kid just leaked poo! on the occasion i missed it, (didn't notice or was in car etc) nappy rash would develop quickly so yanbu

newmumwithquestions Mon 31-Oct-16 07:02:15

Poo yes (including little poos from a shart)
Every feed - no
When they have wind - no

ConvincingLiar Mon 31-Oct-16 07:09:57

Change for poos and sharts. I don't think babies poo in their sleep (do they?) so you're not really disturbing her that much.

DownWithThisSortaThing Mon 31-Oct-16 07:13:05

If there's any poo at all in the nappy then change it.

SpookyPotato Mon 31-Oct-16 07:51:03

I agree with others, if there's any poo there then change.. I remember the feeling as a kid when I didn't wipe properly and it was so uncomfortable and irritating! You're doing the right thing.

PrunesForElla Mon 31-Oct-16 08:00:58

He thinks the two hourly thing is bad, but he'd rather deal with the constant crying of a child who has a sore bum? Nappy rash is horrible, once the skin is broken and wee or poo instantly stings and the baby is in pain.

Tbh I would consider it neglectful of him to suggest leaving any poo in a child's nappy on purpose.

Suggest to him that next time he has the shits he does it in his pants and leaves it there for a few hours.

percythepenguin Mon 31-Oct-16 08:06:45

I would change the nappy if there is any pop at all but I wouldn't change after every feed! I changed DS1 after every feed for the first while until the MW told me not to unless he pooed, it was the best advice anyone gave me in the early days and got us all a lot more sleep!

Applesauce29 Mon 31-Oct-16 12:16:47

Thanks for all the responses. By "wet fart" I did literally mean a tiny dot of poop with wind. Will keep changing her - don't want her to have a sore bottom.

DownWithThisSortaThing Mon 31-Oct-16 15:25:01

I am chuckling a bit at wet fart and shart (because I know exactly what you mean! Bless her) but yes you are right OP, change even for a tiny bit of poo. A small bit on one spot is enough to irritate her skin and nappy rash or a sore spot is horrible, it's only happened to my baby once but it took a couple of weeks to clear up.
The good news is the poo frequency and sharting will calm down as she grows. It's normal to go through a dozen nappies a day with a newborn!

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