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Aibu to think the dr shouldn't have missed this?

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Cockblocktopus Sun 30-Oct-16 23:52:58

We are in Aus so not working with NHS.

DD (18months) had a horrible nights Tuesday night almost 2 weeks ago. Wouldn't lie down, screaming, in obvious distress and pain. Gave her Panadol but it was a long night of dropping off then waking almost every 20 mins. V out of character. She was also slightly constipated.

She was fine in the morning then fell off a chair (she's a climber) and totally lost it. Screamed and screamed. Was in obvious pain every time I lifted her.

Went to a&e. Dr initially said urine infection. Then checked by another dr who said ear infection. I told them about the fall, pain when moved etc. We were admitted for ear infection, given amoxy and sent home on the Friday when it cleared.

I then noticed a TERRIBLE bruise on her collar bone but blush assumed it was where they held her down for bloods. I bruise like a peach so didn't think much of it. blushblush

Followed up with GP this last Friday and asked him to check a bruise on her collar bone. He sends us off for an X-ray and Lo it's broken, likely from the fall. Sent to he children's hospital across the city and told there is nothing to be done now and it will heal.

So genuinely, should they have noticed the broken collar bone at a&e? At the children's hospital I was told pain on being lifted, pain when tshirt came off, etc were clear indications after a fall of a broken collar bone.

I'm not going to complain, but if they should have realised then we won't go back there again.

messystressy Sun 30-Oct-16 23:57:10

Why would you not complain? It may prevent it happening to another child.


kittymamma Mon 31-Oct-16 00:01:10

I'm no medical expert but yes, they should have. Fall + pain in shoulder, surely this is just logical that something may have been damaged? I know when my sister fell off a wall at 4 years old and broke her collar bone they managed to connect these dots. However, I don't remember her having anything but a sling so I'm not sure how different the outcome would have been (not excusing it!).

I think it's probably not fair to write off a whole hospital because of one doctor that missed something though. I'm not excusing it but my GP once wrote off the pain I was experiencing as "a trapped nerve", 18 months later I saw another doctor who gave me a real diagnosis and then I had surgery. Now I avoid my GP and see any other doctor at the practise.

Hope she feels better soon!

Cockblocktopus Mon 31-Oct-16 01:18:06

Kitty, I had no idea she had shoulder pain. I knew she was uncomfortable being lifted or moved but I didn't connect the dot myself.

nocoolnamesleft Mon 31-Oct-16 01:31:30

Sorry, but I'm a bit confused. From your OP it sounds like she had an awful night in pain, and then next morning fell off a chair? To suspect an injury you'd presumably be needing to hear about the awful night in pain coming after falling off the chair?

Cockblocktopus Mon 31-Oct-16 01:47:23

Sorry... time line was this:

12-6am screaming in pain, wouldn't lie down (apparently this was probably from her ear)
9am fell off chair
9-went to ER screaming in pain.

I think we all believed that it was all from her ear but in hindsight the night time pain was ear and day time was from the fall.

Cockblocktopus Mon 31-Oct-16 01:48:13

9- went to er is meant to be from 9 until we went to er a couple of hours later.

Out2pasture Mon 31-Oct-16 01:53:42

well your her mom, if you didn't pick up the collarbone issue how do you expect anyone else too.
since your little one can't speak you need to advocate and provide the history.
she most likely broke it with the fall from the chair. but the loss of balance prior to the fall was possibly due to an ear or urine infection.
either way it's now been found, positive thoughts on an uneventful recovery.

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