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A bully tried to stare me down

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WoopWoop200 Sun 30-Oct-16 16:59:43

My DH is annoyed with me because i said something to this bully. Should he be?

This is a grown woman, along with another woman, who isolated and shoved my child whilst we were away for a weekend in a group.

We went to an event with some friends today and she turned up with the other bully. I ignored them just like I do on the school run. But as we were leaving we passed eachother and she decided to glare at i thought f it, im not on school grounds now. So i asked what she thinks she's staring at, she played innocent and i let her know shes not fooling anyone.

Now DH was ahead of me with DS so didn't hear it. But was quite annoyed when i told him as he is worried she will cause a scene at school run or try to do something to me. But i refuse to let this bullying tw*t get away with anything else.

It's really pathetic but I just couldn't let this woman try and intimidate me after what she did to my DS. If anything I want my DS to learn not to tolerate bullies

JenLindleyShitMom Sun 30-Oct-16 17:11:54

Good for you! Fear is what they depend on in order to continue bullying. They need you to be too afraid to stand up or to report them. Now she knows you aren't afraid she'll pick another victim.

formerbabe Sun 30-Oct-16 17:12:06

A really good tactic if someone does this is, is to do a massive smile! If someone does this it's because they usually want you to confront them or to upset you...just do a massive grin at will really piss them off!

Awwlookatmybabyspider Sun 30-Oct-16 17:18:13

Well done you. That's all they need someone who'll stand up to them.
Looked innocently. More like shat herself because someone challenged her.

WhooooAmI24601 Sun 30-Oct-16 17:20:34

Bullies despise anyone seeing through them more than anything else. Good for you for standing up to her, she sounds like a knob end.

WhataHexIgotinto Sun 30-Oct-16 17:21:59

YANBU fuck her! IMO school bullies are always school bullies, regardless of their age. Maybe she'll realise that you have the measure of her.

WoopWoop200 Sun 30-Oct-16 17:26:50

Thanks all smile
I usually have no problem confronting bullies but when DS is involved I am quite hesitant as I worry he will get scared or get the brunt of it.

Now, what do i do if she approaches me on the school run? Or tries anything else?
If this was anywhere else and without DS, I'd rip them a new one and tell them to go fudge themselves!!

originalmavis Sun 30-Oct-16 17:28:51

What is her problem with you? Have you had run ins in the past?

WoopWoop200 Sun 30-Oct-16 17:29:48

I forgot this part in my anger and DH now gets why I didn't get why he was so annoyed...
I am 9 weeks pregnant
I wouldn't put myself in harms way but I also had a gutsful (is that how you spell it?)

WoopWoop200 Sun 30-Oct-16 17:35:49

originalmavis to this day I have absolutely no idea what her problem is. Even tried finding out once but got nothing.

AlexaTwoAtT Sun 30-Oct-16 17:53:51

There are bullying parents at the school gate? Good grief. That sounds bad. You are an adult - why on earth do they do to you?

DisgraceToTheYChromosome Sun 30-Oct-16 17:57:03

Why should you find out? Bullies imagine slights where none exist. You don't need to be in her head, you need her to know you'll cave it in if she fancies touching your child again.

FeliciaJollygoodfellow Sun 30-Oct-16 18:03:52

She won't create anything. She sounds like a typical spineless bully.

I imagine the worst thing you'll be up against will be some passive aggressive just loud enough to hear comments.

JenLindleyShitMom Sun 30-Oct-16 18:16:49

Now, what do i do if she approaches me on the school run? Or tries anything else?

Two options:
1) You stand and face her, look her in eye while she says whatever she wants to say then you give the most sneery look you can do like she is shit on your shoe and you walk away. Say nothing at all.

2) you instantly walk away giving her no audience at all.

WhataHexIgotinto Sun 30-Oct-16 18:30:44

Jen you forgot option 3) Stick your foot out when she walks past you so she falls over.

JenLindleyShitMom Sun 30-Oct-16 18:35:18


WoopWoop200 Sun 30-Oct-16 18:51:25

Thank you. You have all made me feel better smile
When she stopped earlier and played stupid "Sorry, what did you say?" I did think to myself she wants a scene and if my DS wasn't there I would have clarified it for her. I know she heard me loud and clear, I have hearing difficulties so speak louder than normal volume anyway. My friend who was about the same distance as her heard me.
My friends DH did offer me a pumpkin to throw at her grin apparently they already had 3 at home so didnt mind the sacrifice!!

Legogo Sun 30-Oct-16 18:53:26

Good for you. She sounds like a cunt.

If it makes you feel better, my DH would have reacted in a similar way to yours. He is desperate to avoid confrontation. But sometimes you just have to call someone out.

Basicbrown Sun 30-Oct-16 18:54:47

A better approach to ignoring is to just keep smiling and saying 'Hi Stella, MORNING...!' in a really cheery voice every day. They eventually give up glaring/blanking cos it just makes them look daft. Someone's doing this to me atm I have no idea what her problem is and if she cba to tell me then I am totally uninterested.

But if she mistreated your child then that's different, as long as that really is the case.

WizardOfToss Sun 30-Oct-16 19:01:33

My word. If someone had assaulted my child as you describe, I think calling the police would have been appropriate.

Rather than name calling and scrapping on the school run..

PinkiePiesCupcakes Sun 30-Oct-16 19:03:59

a grown woman, along with another woman, who isolated and shoved my child

What did the police say when you called them and oi you didn't, why not?.

WoopWoop200 Sun 30-Oct-16 19:22:42

I haven't name called or scrapped with anyone on the school run, as previously stated I ignore them. I don't see how that would benefit my DS in any shape or form.

At the time, i didn't know what to do. We were alone (DH not there), hours away from home and my DS was already upset that he couldn't play with his friends. He was 5 at the time.
My main priority was to get DS out of that situation ASAP before it escalated. It was in the middle of an amusement park. I regret not calling the police and I will live with that guilt. And TBH i just didn't know what to do right there and then except make DS feel better.

But we digress....this thread was about my DH thinking me unreasonable for saying something

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