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Well, nearly ending the half term break...honestly, how was it for you?

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btfly2 Sun 30-Oct-16 01:30:16

I felt a bit bored, a week of nothingness ( except for two maybe three days) then nothing amazing... Don't know why I keep thinking every school hols are going to be different Yeahh! then...well... they are not ( I have to say the only ones I like are the summer holidays but that's it).
Is just me experiencing this? Plus I don't want to answer the question on Mon at the school playground about what we did/ didn't, etc!!

Haggisfish Sun 30-Oct-16 01:32:44

I enjoyed the week. Saw friends, played, chilled, made cakes and just enjoyed being with dc really. I never do anything in oct-I'm a teacher and just need it to recover!

IMissGrannyW Sun 30-Oct-16 01:42:09

wasn't long enough for me!

Always amuses me how parents dis schools and then whinge about having to spend time with their DC. Cue sooo many threads over the summer hols about how parents can't wait for school to start again and how bored they are.

it always makes me feel sad when on a parenting website, parents talk about how bored they are having to spend time with their kids.

btfly2 Sun 30-Oct-16 01:46:20

Haggisfish you deserved the break, well done! Thanks for replying at this time of the night, I can't sleep tonight, IPad excess I think...

notgivingin789 Sun 30-Oct-16 01:53:15

It was ok..

Though I am literally poor since I have graduated (no more student loans/ grants sad) and currently doing unpaid internships, so DS and I just went to LOADS of free museums and did loads of walking around, events again for free and parks.

IMissGrannyW I do love spending my time with DS, I really do, but if you have a child who literally bounces off the walls when at home, like my DS it is really exhausting, hence the reason why we did loads of walking around!

BillSykesDog Sun 30-Oct-16 01:53:54

It was my first half term ever. It was lovely to have DS home, but he was a bit fractious and bored after getting used to the stimulation of school. But I'm going to miss him when he's back Monday. But will also be grateful for the break. Does that make sense?

Fanjango Sun 30-Oct-16 01:56:33

Boring...and yet stressful. Four kids..all funds for outings. Stresssed as ds2 didn't manage the transition to year Seven and I'm waiting to see if referral to specialist unit is accepted, also just got date for his autism test. Bored, stressed....but I have wine

btfly2 Sun 30-Oct-16 01:57:19

IMissGrannyW is not the kids in my case, the problem is me...I'm feeling a bit lonely and a bit sad lately, sorry. The kids are actually the ones that are helping me to keep going, bless them. Sorry I didn't explain myself properly.

btfly2 Sun 30-Oct-16 01:03:34

Thanks guys, you're amazing. Honest answers and at 1.00am! Thanks all! By the way, we have one hour more in bed tomorrow smile

Fanjango Sun 30-Oct-16 01:05:20

My phone just went back to one't feel so bad still being up now grin

notgivingin789 Sun 30-Oct-16 01:08:49

I'm usually up around this time...

Fanjango Sun 30-Oct-16 01:14:06

I have a terrible habit of falling asleep on the sofa...not tonight, just not tired yet.

Juanbablo Sun 30-Oct-16 06:01:47

It was pretty busy. Ds1's birthday always falls in this half term week and it was right in the middle so it broke up the week. We seem to have had a lot to get done, not much time for relaxing. Ds1 has driven me
Up the wall the last two days, he needs to get back to school!

Confusednotcom Sun 30-Oct-16 06:40:36

It's been lovely, DCs are a delight and get on so well it's a real pleasure to be around them. We had a few days away and the best thing was not hearing the telly on, they made up for it yesterday though. I'll miss them on Monday.

MyGiddyUncle Sun 30-Oct-16 06:46:20

I feel like this was a 'good' one, with enough decent stuff to keep the kids occupied.

They've done two full days at the cm's (which was unavoidable and they loved anyway). We've done cinema, a meal out, swimming, a family film and card games afternoon, an 8 mile cycle, a park trip and the two weekends have had the usual football and dance lessons.

We spent far too long a while yesterday carving pumpkins which is possibly the most stressed i've been all week. Six year olds and carving knives do not make for a relaxing experience.

Gowgirl Sun 30-Oct-16 06:51:12

We had a couple of days out. Science museum and a day in Hyde park, other than that mainly at home as it was ds2's first full half term and he was tired, today is rugby this morning and then pumpkins but they are ready to go back now!

MrsKellyJones Sun 30-Oct-16 06:54:38

We went to the cinema, did lots of baking and had a Halloween party. Unfortunately the night after the party involved little DS vomiting his guts up after being poorly the whole of the week before so I'm absolutely shattered.

Tried to have a nice day out on Friday and DS fell over and hurt himself and asked to go home (I don't blame him) and planned trip to theme park yesterday got shelved due to despite a horrendously early start this morning, we'll attempt to go and have some fun yawn

Oh and car also failed MOT and has cost a LOT to get fixed so beyond broke! did I mention the heating is broken too?

PumpkinPie2016 Sun 30-Oct-16 07:44:32

It's been good so far - took DS and my sister's children to a play centre and for lunch on Mon, went to a Halloween party on Fri and had one here on Saturday smile managed a meal out with my parents as well. Otherwise we've chilled out and been to park etc.

I am a teacher and thankfully, my school has 2 weeks off at Oct so I will still be off next week grin

Not sure what I'm doing this week yet grin

ThirdTimeLuck Sun 30-Oct-16 07:55:54

Well this was my first half term where I worked, I used to be a teacher but changed my career at the end of the academic year and now I have a different job. Usually October half term is hard to fill, this year the DC split the week between Grandma and the childminder and they had 1 day with me. Usually at the end of half term I'm looking forward to getting back to our routine but this time I feel like I've missed out and that I should have been around more. Typical! I'll have the next school holidays off so I have already planned a lot to do.

NataliaOsipova Sun 30-Oct-16 08:02:02

We've had a fortnight off and I've really enjoyed it. In fact, I'm sitting here like a right saddo telling my DH how miserable I am that they are back to school tomorrow. I feel worse than when I had to go back to school myself! Think I'm a bit of a sad case, to be honest.....

coffeetasteslikeshit Sun 30-Oct-16 08:02:50

As with every holiday, it went too fast. It was DS1's birthday at the start of the week so I was busy preparing for that, and then the days have flown by. They've watched far too much tv but we have been out lots too with the dogs and had a couple of special outings plus a Halloween party last night.
I am quite looking forward to be by myself again tomorrow daytime though!

Buttercupsandaisies Sun 30-Oct-16 08:08:35

Ours is next week but I've very little planned. Funny that many schools not off yet - I'm lancs

ComfortingKormaBalls Sun 30-Oct-16 08:18:15

Mine are teens now, don't get up till lunchtime and have little jobs but we still managed a baking afternoon and carving pumpkins.

We have always done baking/crafts during hols but I found as they grew they had images of wanting to make beautiful, intricate creations which never happened due to lack of skills/equipment/time so they were always a little disappointed. However now they are older they can make some fantastic stuff.

ChampagneTastes Sun 30-Oct-16 08:23:41

Ours was awash with vomit at the beginning so generally fairly quiet. A bit of visiting NT and local attractions. Mostly DS playing with lego and practising his letters (he is SUCH a swot!) He's not seemed bored as such at any point but that's probably because he's knackered from his first school term!

KittyandTeal Sun 30-Oct-16 08:29:03

My dh has moved from a role where he was doing shift, early, later and nights, with hardly any holiday to a 8-5 mon-fri role with school holidays off.

We have had a week together, the three of us, and not done a huge amount but it's been lovely relaxing at home and going on autumn walks with dd1.

Until now hiolidays were stressful with me trying to entertain a 3yo on my own with not structure of swimming, preschool etc.

This week has been bliss.

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