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Littlepleasures Sat 29-Oct-16 17:07:37

Inherited my husband's old Fitbit Charge when he upgraded. Was a revelation. Really motivated me to reach those 10000 steps a day. I particularly liked the feature that tracked whether you moved at least 250 steps every hour. I'm the world's worst for reading or watching telly for hours on end so I've now been making sure I get up to do 3 minutes high intensity high knees marching every hour if I'm having a lazy day. Getting over a knee replacement and trying to lose weight, exercise is a priority at the moment so I was looking to upgrade to the next model to monitor my heart rate. Instead I decided to go with the dearer Charge 2 mostly because it promised an automatic vibrating alarm 10 minutes before the hour if you hadn't done your 250 steps yet. My old Charge vibrates when you've done your 10000 and you can feel that throbbing right up your arm.
Well, new Charge 2 arrived yesterday. Lots of new features which are great, but the vibrating alarm? Does exist but is so faint it is unnoticeable unless you sit there concentrating waiting for it and even then is barely noticeable.
There must be some way of adjusting it I thought, so I went on the Fitbit forums. Nope. Forums are full of people with the same problem and the Help centre staff acknowledge over and over again that it is a known problem and engineers are working to come up with a solution but have found none yet. So, my AIBU is- Should Fitbit be advertising this feature when they acknowledge online that it doesn't work?

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