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To not want DH to come home tomorrow

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BlueBlueSkies Fri 28-Oct-16 23:11:18

Dh has been away for half term with DSS.

DD and I have been home alone. It has been lovely. The house has stayed tidy. I have not had to cook big meals, dd and I will have soup or baked potato. Hardly any washing to do. No DSS tantrums. We can watch what we want on TV. A very quiet relaxing week.

I love DH to bits, but it has been nice. I would be happy if it lasted another week. Tomorrow the house will be full of suitcases, washing everywhere and DH moaning about jet lag. Feel really mean that I am not looking forward to seeing him.

Halloweensnake Fri 28-Oct-16 23:17:00

It's your life.its your choice.end it if your not happy...I hated having a step mum ,a step dad and 3 step brothers and 2 step sisters ,both my parents remarried after divorce.i hated every second of it.and as an adult in my 40s I've not seen any of the step siblings or parents since I left home.and that's the way I like it.and it's also why I'd never put my kids through a step family....however I'm sure I'm the exception and most people's step families are happy 💐

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