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To ask if you regret suppressing the urge for further DC?

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mnpeasantry Fri 28-Oct-16 21:00:41

I'm very interested to hear from those who had a set number of children in mind, reached it and still felt broody.

I've had two much yearned for DC. Even with a young baby I feel find myself gazing longingly at even younger babies. Has anyone talked themselves down from this scenario? Did yoU regret it? Did you get over it and go back to enjoying other people's babies without wanting your own? Did you throw caution to the wind and go for it? I find having a baby makes me yearn for more but hoping that it is hormones.

I'm late 30s and have had a number of fertility and health issues in pregnancy which has put me off pregnancy to a large degree. Time is not on our side and my DH is happy with the two we have but could probably be persuaded.

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