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AIBU to be a little concerned about Infant school teacher?

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3ofthem Fri 28-Oct-16 18:37:17

My DS has always loved school, been really keen, and we have always had fantastic parents evenings and reports for him. (giving some context, not bragging before you start!).This term however he has mentioned a lot that he hates school, his teacher shouts at them all and is always cross. She apparently cancels their 'outside' time if they have been too slow or not done their work correctly. At the recent parents evening she was extremely negative and only pointed out areas of improvement and I came away unsure as to whether it was 'ok' feedback or whether it was bad. Other parents have looked at me in slight horror when I've mentioned who is teacher is and she apparently doesn't have a good reputation. Ive also heard that she does like boys! Don't get me wrong - I would much rather be told what he needs to improve on rather than gushing about what he can already do, and I'm sure I would shout an awful lot if I had to teach 30x 6 year olds, but I am a little concerned that she is putting my son off school? I would appreciate any thoughts?

crispandcheesesanwichplease Fri 28-Oct-16 20:25:11

Hmmm...doesn't sound too good. Teaching is a very tough job but if you can't be positive and encouraging around kids you shouldn't be doing it. Your DS is very young and you don't want him to start having school issues at this age.

I'd try to get a bit more info from other parents but without being gossipy. I'd ask other parents who I know for their experience of her.

I'd also try to get an appointment to see the teacher on her own if possible, a booked appointment or phone call when your son isn't present and she can give you her full attention. If you still feel that she's overly critical and punitive with the children I'd tell her that I am concerned. (You don't ever know what is going on in other people's lives. She may be dealing with some terrible private issue which although shouldn't leak into her professional role, may be affecting her at work so don't be combative or arsey ). If you're still not happy then I'd go to the Head with it.

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