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DH out drinking with single friend. AIBU?

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AgainPlease Fri 28-Oct-16 18:18:13

DH is a well known businessman and full of wisdom. Single friend has asked if I could arrange a coffee between them for her to ask some business questions.

They started at 3pm and when I called him an hour ago he said he was still with her. He was definitely drinking (could hear it in his voice). Texted him about 20 min ago and no reply.

AIBU in feeling single friend should shut the conversation down after finishing with her business queries and not spend Friday night drinking with my DH or am I just a psycho jealous crazy?

I'm prepared to get flamed for this. blush

HandbagCrazy Fri 28-Oct-16 18:22:08

Is single friend your friend or his?

If his, yabu. If yours I'd be hmm at not being asked to join them.

Also, it's not up to single friend to shut this down. Your DH is the one with someone to come home to!

Do you have any reason not to trust either of them?

DrScholl Fri 28-Oct-16 18:22:17

i went out with a male mate for FOOD and got bit pissed last night. He is married, I am married. We managed to not snog each other, as we are friends not partners
Funny how that works.

collapses as well known businessman

19lottie82 Fri 28-Oct-16 18:23:26

I can see why you might be a bit miffed but It's only twenty past six. And you only texted him 20 mins ago.

Do you have a reason not to trust him or your friend?

DrScholl Fri 28-Oct-16 18:24:56

if he is going to shag her he will do so whether you text or not.
GO and open a glass of wine and cook yourself some food

Bonywasawarriorwayayix Fri 28-Oct-16 18:24:59

Is it interfering with any plans you have tonight?
Could you join them?

Sparklesilverglitter Fri 28-Oct-16 18:29:00

Not a married man and a single women having a drink shock what is the world coming too?

I don't know why her being single is relevant TBH, why does that make you so insecure? Just because she's single it doesn't mean she has no morals and wants to jump on him confused

I'm married and I go for drink with single and married men I manage to control myself!

I think your reaction is over the top

Eatthecake Fri 28-Oct-16 18:34:25

Is she was in a relationship would you feel so insecure about this? Do you think because she's single she must need sex that badly she'd jump on your DH?

Men and women can have things in common, have a drink together without shagging each other you know.
My best friend is a single man, I'm a married women and last week we went for a coffee then ended up in the pub shock

I assume you and your DH are adults and are therefore allowed out when you wish, and don't need each other's permission. So what's the problem here?

Seriously make yourself some dinner, watch a film and stop with the crazy

FabulouslyGlamourousFerret Fri 28-Oct-16 18:35:47

Irrational, crazy whatever .. I wouldn't like it either!

PumpkinPie71 Fri 28-Oct-16 18:39:24

What's with timing people how long they take to text back? Do people really panic if they get no reply in 20 minutes, my DH must panic all day long if so.

Would it bother you if the friend wasn't single? Being single doesn't make her a hussy you know confused

Go and have a soak, open some wine, order take away whatever but stop with the crazy

AgainPlease Fri 28-Oct-16 18:40:18

It's my friend and she's a bit of a girl about town - loves to drink and party and she's be known in the past to lay it on thick with men, married or not. I'd like to think I trust both of them but I'm just a bit hmm

Bonywasawarriorwayayix Fri 28-Oct-16 18:41:01

Ah. If you're feeling jealous rather than just wanting to be with your DH then YABU.
DH has a single friend who I know wants to jump him but I trust DH, so it's not an issue.

HermioneJeanGranger Fri 28-Oct-16 18:41:56

Does it matter if she "lays it on thick"? Surely you trust your husband?

DementedUnicorn Fri 28-Oct-16 18:42:00

As a gay, married woman my mind boggles at these YABUs. How do you think this would go down in my relationship? "DW, how dare you have a drink with another woman? She's single FFS! She'll not be able to keep her hands of you!"


itsmine Fri 28-Oct-16 18:42:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

GinIsIn Fri 28-Oct-16 18:43:21

well known businessman - IS HE ALAN SUGAR?!

You are directing your irritation at the wrong person - it's down to your DH to come home to you, it's not your friend's responsibility to send him home!

PotatoesareDashNice Fri 28-Oct-16 18:43:58

I bet you wished you'd thought about this a bit more and not planned it for a late Friday afternoon eh. <unhelpful>.

FrogletinaBallerina Fri 28-Oct-16 18:44:05

Is he a famous "well-known businessman"? Maybe they will get papped.

PumpkinPie71 Fri 28-Oct-16 18:44:37

You either trust your DH or you don't. It's simple really unless he's given you a reason not to in the past then you trust him until he gives you a reason not too.

What a lovely way to talk about your friend. If you think she's such a "girl about town" and not be trusted with any man then why arrange the meeting?

Your DH didn't keep the meeting secret from you. You arranged it! You know where he is and with who he is with

ThroughThickAndThin01 Fri 28-Oct-16 18:44:44

Well I'd say he needs to head home soon. Or are you close enough you can join them?

ImperialBlether Fri 28-Oct-16 18:45:08

I would have expected them to talk at home, tbh. I wouldn't trust her, frankly!

Hecticlifeanddrowning8 Fri 28-Oct-16 18:45:51

Nope you are not being unreasonable! I'm not the jealous type at all, but I wouldn't like that . Don't get me wrong I'm sure nothing untoward is going on , but it is just very disrespectful to you.

mallyboo Fri 28-Oct-16 18:51:31

I'd be a bit hmm too OP. Seems we're in the minority though..

2kids2dogsnosense Fri 28-Oct-16 18:52:11

I wouldn't trust her motives - and if he is drunk and flattered he may not see through her designs until he is at least semi-compromised.

Why not get your coat on, pick up an axe, and go and see how the Business Meeting is getting on?

SpookyPumpkin Fri 28-Oct-16 18:52:53

So it's your friend, you arranged the meet, he hasn't met her in secret, you know where he is.

If you don't trust your friend around men then why did you arrange the meeting in the first place? Why didn't she talk to your DH in your home? confused

You either trust the man you married or you don't really. There isn't an in between

I do think it's an over reaction

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