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DH swearing - would this piss you off?

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muminmanchester Fri 28-Oct-16 07:48:21

For a few months now DH has been swearing whenever DS wakes in the night. Things like 'for fucks sake' or 'what the fuck does he want now'. It really upsets me and makes me feel like he's angry with DS for what is perfectly normal and reasonable behaviour. He's 10 months old and crying is the only way he can tell us something is wrong in the night.

DH is a fab dad and I have no concerns about him ever being angry or upset with DS, but the swearing really gets my protective instincts going and makes me very upset.

Would this piss you off? Or am I being over sensitive? It's so hard to tell when you've not slept properly for the best part of a year!!

whatishistory Fri 28-Oct-16 07:53:53

I think you're being a bit too sensitive. I'm pretty sure I swore regularly when DD1 woke up (every night for 3 fucking years.).

AGinForEachMakesThree Fri 28-Oct-16 08:03:25

Yes, you're being over sensitive but that's ok and perfectly normal, he's your baby!
I do the same thing if DH dares to swear about one of the children but it's perfectly acceptable for me to do! (Seeing as I'm the one getting up)
I find the swearing is less the younger they are, I definitely utter "for fucks sake" when Ds1 wakes. It's been every night at least once for four and a half years now...

StarlingMurmuration Fri 28-Oct-16 08:10:24

DP and I regularly say 'FFS' if DS wakes in the night. As long as he's not sweating at your DC, I think you're being a bit over sensitive.

muminmanchester Fri 28-Oct-16 08:11:28

Ok. Thank you! I'll take my super sensitive hat off and put my sweary one on wink

YvaineStormhold Fri 28-Oct-16 08:11:45

It would upset me.

Gowgirl Fri 28-Oct-16 08:12:35

God I still swear when my 2 youngest wake up, mote so when its cold.....

Boundaries Fri 28-Oct-16 08:15:00

There is a book called 'Go the fuck to sleep' - you should read it OP.

If he's a brilliant dad the rest of the time I wouldn't worry. X

eurochick Fri 28-Oct-16 08:26:05

Ffs is a pretty standard response to be woken for the nth time in my world.

RainyDayBear Fri 28-Oct-16 08:32:16

I have uttered the same when DD wakes up, wouldn't worry me!

witsender Fri 28-Oct-16 08:34:27

It would bother me.

Softkitty2 Fri 28-Oct-16 09:05:18

Have a 7 month old like you my husband did the same otherwise he's a very good dad. I told him I didn't like it and he has stopped.

RufusTheSpartacusReindeer Fri 28-Oct-16 09:08:19

At 3 weeks old i told dh that i was going to find a window to chuck ds1 through

He tried to take the baby from me smile

I love and adore ds1 and would not have hurt him for anything...i was just venting

(To be fair he is a bit big to force through a window now)

Dontpanicpyke Fri 28-Oct-16 09:11:58

We had the opposite! I used to swear and sometimes kick the bed when the kids woke up but that was my way of releasing the stress and when I went into them I was calm and kind.

Dh used to tell me to calm down and not to be so aggressive while he then fell back to bloody sleep.

The swearing kept me sane to be honest.

mum2Bomg Fri 28-Oct-16 09:16:45

Nope I don't think you're being unreasonable and I think it adds to your stress. X

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