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To be really scared by this Sun headline.

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hopetobehappy Thu 27-Oct-16 20:21:22

I've just had an awful scare and I'm so frightened, need calming down. Just scrolling down Facebook and there's a Sun headline....Nuclear war could be imminent, troops sent near to Russian border. It's so so scary.

dovesong Thu 27-Oct-16 20:23:04

The Sun is full of scaremongering stupidity. Ignore them. They lie and spin things to try to frighten people.

DiegeticMuch Thu 27-Oct-16 20:24:34

The Sun is an absurd "newspaper". Find better reading material.

VanillaSugarandChipSpice Thu 27-Oct-16 20:25:15

Is this why the Germans have been told to stockpile food & water?

ILoveMyMonkey Thu 27-Oct-16 20:25:20

Yabu it's the sun, the same paper as page 3! Don't panic.

KC225 Thu 27-Oct-16 20:25:53

I grew up in the 7Os, government was producing protect and survive leaflets. Didn't happen then. Line the cat litter tray with it and forget about it

intravenouscoffee Thu 27-Oct-16 20:26:00

It's The Sun.

I wouldn't believe them if they told me what day of the week it was. They try to scare people constantly - I presume it drives up sales.

Ignore, ignore, ignore.

hopetobehappy Thu 27-Oct-16 20:26:07

I literally darent even click the article on.

nixinoo Thu 27-Oct-16 20:26:21

The only thing I believe in that rag is the date.

user1471446905 Thu 27-Oct-16 20:26:23

seriously - get a grip!

SloanePeterson Thu 27-Oct-16 20:27:49

Seriously, there's nothing to worry about. Please don't worry yourself about this. The very idea is absurd scaremongering. And I'm the biggest worrier going, this isn't even on my radar.

WatchingFromTheWings Thu 27-Oct-16 20:33:00

Wouldn't line the cats litter tray with The Scum. Just find a proper newspaper to read.

hopetobehappy Thu 27-Oct-16 20:33:16

Do I really not need to worry ?

RusholmeRuffian Thu 27-Oct-16 20:34:47

It's the Sun. A headline in Viz is likely to be just as accurate.

GetOutMyCar Thu 27-Oct-16 20:34:53

I must admit I'm feeling a bit jittery. I live in Sweden about half an hour away from their main airbase. I've lived here 10 years and only occasionally hear anything but in the last few days it's been constant.

user1471446905 Thu 27-Oct-16 20:35:27

i think if nuclear armageddon was imminent some more outlets than your Facebook feed would have picked it up! Your level of fear is not normal, you may need to speak to your GP about these irrational fears.

MrsTerryPratchett Thu 27-Oct-16 20:35:29

Fear is the best way to keep the populace in order. The most revolutionary act you can make is to be fearless. Make decisions based on what is best, not what makes you anxious. In this case, what is best is to not read The Scum.

user1471446905 Thu 27-Oct-16 20:37:20

FYI the current headline on The Sun webpage is 'AIR PERV CAGED' so I think it's safe to say they are not that worried either.

ShatterResistant Thu 27-Oct-16 20:37:22

The troops aren't going till the spring. That'll be buried somewhere in the article. So you don't need to worry until at least March.

hopetobehappy Thu 27-Oct-16 20:38:54

But do you think other newspapers just don't want to alarm us, maybe they're just holding back?

PoldarksBreeches Thu 27-Oct-16 20:40:24

You're being ridiculous.

ByeByeLilSebastian Thu 27-Oct-16 20:40:43

Either way there's probably shit all you can do about it. Unless you have a nuclear bunker?

Chinlo Thu 27-Oct-16 20:41:07

No, you have nothing to worry about. Try reading a non-fiction newspaper in the future.

chickychickyparmparm Thu 27-Oct-16 20:42:15

But do you think other newspapers just don't want to alarm us, maybe they're just holding back?

Er, no. Have you ever read anything about climate change (just one example) in the Guardian? That's scary as fuck!

Honestly, the Sun exists to scaremonger, it's a way of subjugating the masses. It's owned by Rupert Murdoch. See also: Fox News.

ILikeyourHairyHands Thu 27-Oct-16 20:42:23

Seriously OP do not fear The Sun, tis bollox.

I'm not sure how old you are but I had massive anxiety in my early 30s when my children were very young, to the extent it was stymying my life a bit.

I eventually realised that there was actually fuck all I could do about global situations or random horrors and the best thing I could do for me and my children was to live without fear and que sera sera.

We're all a lot better for it.

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