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To think people should have breakfast BEFORE work?

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candybeek Thu 27-Oct-16 07:07:33

If you work a normal daily shift like 9-5 office hours, then I feel it's really odd people come in to work and immediately start pouring milk on their cornflakes or dashing to the canteen for a greasy fry up.
I'm in the minority at my work place that have breakfast at home before work.
I understand it if you work shifts etc but 9-5??

I find it really odd, what's next - people using the kitchen to cook their tea before they leave for work?

It's even worse as they bring their smelly breakfasts back to their desk so I have to inhale it all.

Am I on my own in this thought?

RoganJosh Thu 27-Oct-16 07:09:53

I think it's fine so long as they're ready to actually start work at nine.

PetalMettle Thu 27-Oct-16 07:10:22

I have breakfast at work, but at my desk (porridge). No smell.
Used to always have it at home but it's easier with dc

candybeek Thu 27-Oct-16 07:10:35

They aren't though, they come in for 9, log on then trot off to get their face filled!

anyoldname76 Thu 27-Oct-16 07:10:43

i have my breakfast at work , im at work for around 7,30 though and i cant face food at 6 in the morning. but i only have one of those porridge pots.

MilkTwoSugarsThanks Thu 27-Oct-16 07:11:10

I can't eat when I get up as I'll be sick. I need to have been awake for at least an hour or two, but if I don't eat 'til lunchtime I'm likely to have a seizure.


NotCitrus Thu 27-Oct-16 07:11:41

Trying to eat while also getting toddlers ready was beyond me. Pre-kids I never ate breakfast at work, but afterwards I always did until kids were at school so had breakfast at home.

19lottie82 Thu 27-Oct-16 07:11:50

I See your point, however if you need to leave home early to commune then for some eating at that time may be hard. Some people may not be able to stomach eating soon after getting up, and also eating thenmay mean they are totally starving before lunchtime.

They should however make sure they are finished eating by the time their shift actually starts. I.e. Coming into work and having a quick bowl of cornflakes at 845 is totally fine.

anyname123 Thu 27-Oct-16 07:12:03

I eat at work, I'm never hungry when I first get up, but am ravenous by 9.30ish. Most people at my workplace eat breakfast at work, never had any problems with smell, as it's just cereal / toast.

Tootsiepops Thu 27-Oct-16 07:12:55

Working mums don't always get time to eat breakfast in the house if they are rushing to get kids up and out etc. As long as people are not taking the piss, it's not something I could get worked up about.

ReluctantCamper Thu 27-Oct-16 07:13:30

I am biased because I always have a yoghurt at my desk to start my day. I leave home at 7 and start work at 8, and can't really face food before then.

I guess if I were you I'd try to worry less about what other people do.

chipsandpeas Thu 27-Oct-16 07:15:04

i eat at work, i cant eat straight away, its normally about 9.30-10 before i can face eating and thats getting up approx 7

donajimena Thu 27-Oct-16 07:15:14

I'm another who can't stomach food for at least two hours after waking.

ovenchips Thu 27-Oct-16 07:15:28

I don't think I've ever done it and no-one is going to force me to, so it doesn't bother me remotely.

As for the smells - they're food smells and so again doesn't bother me. If it was the smell of something non-food and revolting - yes. Food? Nah.

I take it you are not a morning person?smile

TaterTots Thu 27-Oct-16 07:15:32

My 'standard' hours are 9 - 5 but I'll often have a cup of tea and a yoghurt when I get in. It's not as if I clock out bang on 5 or always take a full lunch break. It's a bit of flexibility, that's all.

ErrolTheDragon Thu 27-Oct-16 07:15:45

Breakfast at work, fine, for reasons pp have given. Smelly food at desk, not good. Taking significant time out of working day, not good - if they have a canteen fryup brekkie, do they compensate with quicker lunch?

TirednessIsComing Thu 27-Oct-16 07:15:51

Yabu as long as they start on time. Whether you start at 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10 if you come in before and start on time then you are working when you should. If you come in for those times and then eat then unless you are multitasking-like a cereal bar while checking email- then you are taking the piss.

I take it you have someone who wanders in at their start time and wanders off to make breakfast so they don't start until a half hour later? We had a couple like that but it's a running theme of piss taking with them.

TirednessIsComing Thu 27-Oct-16 07:18:13

That's presuming they don't work after 5pm too and are out the door on the dot.

MouseholeCat Thu 27-Oct-16 07:18:34

I get travel sick when I get the tube so have something small (dry crackers) when I wake then proper breakfast at work. But I'm generally sat at my desk with it by 9am bar train delays.

I also regularly cook my tea in the work kitchen as I volunteer 1 evening a week and wouldn't eat a proper meal otherwise.

The worst thing about offices are the nosy people who judge everyone else's routines....

Basicbrown Thu 27-Oct-16 07:22:26

They should however make sure they are finished eating by the time their shift actually starts. I.e. Coming into work and having a quick bowl of cornflakes at 845 is totally fine

Lol so you set the rules at everyone's workplace? At mine people do what they need to do and would be confused grin about your retentive approach to timekeeping.

Yabu obviously op. It is just breakfast.

heron98 Thu 27-Oct-16 07:22:36

I have mine at work because I go swimming beforehand

itlypocerka Thu 27-Oct-16 07:22:41

I can never face food immediately on waking up. I can get through the early morning routine and be in the office by 8:30, start work early and get a couple of most urgent tasks out of the way then I'm ready for a 5 minute break to scoop a bit of cereal.

Yanbu if any of your colleagues choose smelly food, that is antisocial. But if their food doesn't smell and they have completed their contracted hours by the time they leave at the end of the day then yabu and it's none of your business. A breakfast break is much less than the 3 or 4 breaks a smoker will take during a working day and that's accepted usually.

GiGiraffe Thu 27-Oct-16 07:23:38

YABU - I work a 9-5 job but eat my breakfast at work, I have a 80min commute and can't face food when I very first get up. No issues in my work though as I work 50+ hrs a week, no one cares if I've logged on before eating my breakfast

fluffygreenmonsterhoody Thu 27-Oct-16 07:24:41

As Tootsie said, I can't really have breakfast before I leave because of DS. His wee routine involves breakfast at nursery/GPs and it would cause merry hell if I had but he didn't.

I have Weetabix at half nine every morning. Takes ten mins all in so less time than making a hot drink (I'm a non-tea/coffee drinker) and as I rarely take a full lunch and don't miss any working hours.

Bit worried that I'm being judged by colleagues now tho 😔

VivienneWestwoodsKnickers Thu 27-Oct-16 07:25:58

If people are working fewer hours because if it, there's a problem. However, smokers have gotten away with this in many workplaces for years (** waits for explosion of furious smokers who account for the time spent outside **) so it's not hugely different.

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