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Just a little follow up on my 'rehoming miserable cat' thread incase anyone is interested 😂

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user1473509591 Thu 27-Oct-16 00:34:09

Turns out cats are pretty fickle. Get some toys and slices of ham and you can win them over. It's been about a week but I've been keeping my 5 year old 'in charge' of keeping the cat happy - lots of playing, slipping him some food 'on the sly' and lots of gentle cuddles. Normally the cat won't relax enough to sleep near her, so this is pretty big and seems the advice I was given on here has worked smile

OrangeSquashTallGlass Thu 27-Oct-16 00:35:53

Oh this makes me so so happy! Well done for persevering!

VimFuego101 Thu 27-Oct-16 00:38:50


alltoomuchrightnow Thu 27-Oct-16 01:13:34

Yay! That looks a very happy cat in the picture. So pleased to hear! And your child probably found it fun to be part of the food treats etc!

goddessofsmallthings Thu 27-Oct-16 01:56:14

Cats can be as loyal and as loving as dogs and I reckon your 5yo dd has got a pal for life. smile

TheZeppo Thu 27-Oct-16 02:19:19

Proper pleased for both you and kitty 😃

SylvieB74 Thu 27-Oct-16 02:24:26

I've got a miserable cat as well, only my 12 year old can be his friend, he hates the rest of us 😕

lalalalyra Thu 27-Oct-16 04:38:36

Aww that's fab!

Cats are seriously fickle - whoever is feeding them the best food is their best mate. My 16-year-old cat has slept at my bedroom door in 3 houses since he was 6 months old. He's currently curled up in bed next to my au pair because she has been feeding him for 5 DAYS! (and this co-incides with Tesco subbing his food delivery with a different food that he appears to love more than life)

Geekmama Thu 27-Oct-16 05:18:50

I'm so happy for you all OP

YelloDraw Thu 27-Oct-16 08:25:51

Aw well done!

Booboostwo Thu 27-Oct-16 08:44:18

Brilliant news, well done!

crashdoll Thu 27-Oct-16 09:59:06

I thought that was a black cat on your daughter's face but you had squiggled it out!! grin

Glad all is going well, well done to you.

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