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WIBU to ditch DP at home and go on holiday myself? (lighthearted)

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DaniBubbles Wed 26-Oct-16 16:20:02

We're going on a long-overdue holiday on Saturday. A week self-catering on the west coast of Scotland. Nothing spectacular but gratefully welcome after the shitty year we've had.

Am I the only one who has a spectacularly hopeless DP (man or woman!) when it comes to packing/planning for a holiday??

I came home from my lunch break this afternoon to a house that looked like a bomb had hit it. Stuff pulled out of every drawer/cupboard/wardrobe in the house and cries of "I can't find my black fleece!" "Where the hell have you put my grey jeans?"
The black fleece, which was one of the few things left in his wardrobe, I managed to track down on 3 seconds flat. And the grey jeans were were still in the washing basket from when he put them there this morning. He looks incredulous when I said no, they haven't been washed yet, master . hmm

Oh and he's also decided that some of the stuff I have already packed wouldn't be able to fit in the car now because he had gone out and bought what looked like 2 weeks worth of shopping for the trip away. angry Again, looked mystified when I asked why we couldn't have bought the shopping while we were there. It's Scotland ffs, not the North Pole.

The whole thing has left me feeling mightily pissed off.
Does anyone else have any stories about hopeless DP's or should I just wave bye bye and enjoy my wine alone in my wee Scottish cottage? grin wine

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