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To be completely pissed off..

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Ninjasinpyjamas Wed 26-Oct-16 10:35:15

This may turn into a long post so if it does apologies in advance, I am useless at explaining in writing typing.

Basically my biological parents gave birth to another little girl last year. There are 5 of us including me and the new baby.
We were all taken off of our "Parents" when we were young children/babies etc.
Anyway, I found out they had this little girl and were allowed to keep her, this obviously raised concerns to me as it would do going through what I had and what my brothers and sisters had when we was younger. So I made a statement to SS about what happened in my past as a child and what happened to me as a teenager when I had foolishly returned home and they decided to take it to court.

Now I won the court case and My "parents" surrendered my little sister to SS as they knew they had lost already. My "second cousin" adopted my little brother when he was a baby and first put into care & he's had an amazing life. So when her daughter and her girlfriend came forward and said we would like to have DS I was ok about the idea, I have a disabled daughter who needs all the care I can give her so wouldn't of been able to take care of them both.
They said that they would keep me in the loop of what was going on and I could have daily contact with DS and have her as much as I wanted which really was the only reason that I let them foster her (^I have had a lot of problems with seeing my little brother as they feel he is there family and not mine now that he has their last name^.) anyway they had been having contact with the younger sister for weeks taking her out they said they would bring her straight to mine they didn't!! They got her home on Monday!! I was going to be seeing her that night before anyone else as I have not seen her but instead they took her to her mums house where all her brothers and sisters was and introduced her to them before I her biological blood sister got to even see her. I got a text last night to say she wouldn't be able to bring her to see me until the weekend now as she was working all week and her girlfriend was too busy "getting to know her"

I am seriously considering speaking to a solicitor to see where I would stand in trying to get her myself and getting extra help through the day with My DD so it was doable and they were both getting the same attention!!

I really don't want to have another sibling where it doesn't even feel like she is anything to do with me, they have already cut me out of my brothers life so much I don't know if I could go through it all again sad

Aibu to maybe speak to a solicitor?
Aibu to be pissed off about the whole situation? If it wasn't for me they wouldn't even have her today. They were all full of promises and we will do this do that when I was battling in court but now they have her that's it. I feel used for my own sister!!

Aibu to want to scream and shout at them!?? The whole situation makes me wanna cry all the time because it's me that's loosing out for wanting her to have a better life? sad

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