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To Want a MN Travel Group?

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Fandangulous Wed 26-Oct-16 10:09:36

There have been a few good threads lately regarding solo travel; seems like there are a decent number of solo traveller on here and then there are those who are nervous to travel alone but want to see the world.

How about a travel group? We could have a thread to organise the group, get ideas, etc. then have a private chat group (not sure where) to organise the trips. Or a thread for people to post their upcoming trips on to see if anyone fancies joining them (doesn't have to be sharing a room, just knowing you have a buddy in the same place) then they can sort it between themselves via pm?

DonkeyOaty Wed 26-Oct-16 10:31:10

As always people should be mindful that not everyone they come across on the Internet is who they seem.

Solo travellers actively advertising themselves on here as travelling solo and identifying themselves in RL - be careful.

Lecture over. #eeyore

Fandangulous Wed 26-Oct-16 10:40:59

grin #eeyore

Absolutely! Obviously I'm not suggesting we share all kinds of specific information (unless you do know an trust each other in RL).

Fandangulous Wed 26-Oct-16 10:44:41

I have never found a group where you organise trips away together but pay for it yourself. The sites like Exodus and so on all look great but the actual cost of trips are ridiculous compared to what I could get them for if I found the flights myself, organise hotel etc.

Then on the other side of things there's forums like Thorn Tree where you can post threads asking for buddies or meet ups -but that doesn't seem organised enough and is far too open to weridos and creeps.

Something in the middle of those two would be nice.

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