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To demand a new car.

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alwaysmyfault Wed 26-Oct-16 08:51:44

Long time lurker here desperate for quick advice. We bought a brand new car in July (first time ever in 30 years of driving) and noticed various faults in the paintwork. To cut a long story short, after to-ing and fro-ing, the dealer's paint shop man said it was a fault and he found more. Later in the day the dealership phoned me back and said that rather than pass it through their warranty ( doesn't affect my warranty) they'll take it in as soon as possible and sand and paint it. It would take a long time through their warranty (this to me sounds dodgy).
My issue is that we bought a NEW car and would like a new car, not one that, effectively, has been fixed like one that has had an accident. Would I be within my rights to demand a new car?

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