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Happylotti Tue 25-Oct-16 19:57:58

After reading the post about the box in the attic it got me thinking of all the ghost stories i've heard in the past!!!

The main one was when i used to work in a pub which had originally been 2 dwellings.....there was a flat upstairs on both sides but they didnt connect. Many a time people asked about who was upstairs the empty side! I'd also been upstairs there and it was full of old stuff, dust everywhere and no footprints (we looked!!!!) so never any explanation as to where the noises came from!!!!

I also used to live in a house which got converted into two flats, one day dh decided to change the room around and suddenly weired things started happening
Our bedroom door would open on its own (even if i made sure i'd locked ut but pulling on it as hard as i could!)
Walking to the bathroom (down a long corridor) you felt like you were being followed
If i was on my own i'd feel like someone was standing in the doorway of my bedroom
just thinking of that old place has put the shivers down my spin going

BUT i do love a good ghist story

So give me some grin

Farmmummy Tue 25-Oct-16 20:28:07

Ooh I love a good woo thread! I have a few posted one before but this one was my Nans. She lived in a big 4 storey house in the town when she was about to marry my Granda she lived with her parents and 2 sisters and they all talked about hearing footsteps in the attic bedroom and top floor stairs. One night my Granda arrived to pick her up everyone else was out and she came running down and slammed the hall door Granda had heard 2 sets of feet on the stairs and she said she'd been chased by the man above stairs.

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