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To think Toby Young deserves scorn for this article?

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BowieFan Tue 25-Oct-16 19:11:04

Apologies for linking to the Daily Mail, but I've used a service that denies them advertising revenue:

Aside from the basic errors (it's 100minutes long, not nearly 3 hours), it's just an awful article. The fact that Toby Young thinks everyone claiming benefits is a smoking/gambling/drinking loudmouth is just offensive. I'm shocked - not that it was published - but that he thinks his opinion is the opinion of everyone.

I'd love to see him survive on benefits. I wonder if he'd be saying the same things then?

Pettywoman Tue 25-Oct-16 19:12:44

Toby Young is a knob.

Grumpyoldblonde Tue 25-Oct-16 19:13:41

Yes. I just read this. As if he would have a clue.

EnidColeslaw771 Tue 25-Oct-16 19:14:24

Toby young deserves scorn. You could have just ended the sentence there and anyone sensible would agree.

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Tue 25-Oct-16 19:15:12

He is a total dick.

Blu Tue 25-Oct-16 19:17:56

He is a total knob.
Living his lifestyle on inherited wealth from his visionary L wing father.
He just needs to shut up.

DrudgeJedd Tue 25-Oct-16 19:19:29

Never forget...

MorrisZapp Tue 25-Oct-16 19:19:35

Haven't read the link and have no time for misty eyed lefties but Young is a boring little wankstain isn't he.

That bloody annoying book, in which he pretends to be a complete muppet getting offered world class journalism gigs in New York makes me want to punch my own face. He refers to his friends as Steve, Jane etc. Apart from Sophie. He calls her Sophie Dahl.

Naff off, shit weasel.

Boogers Tue 25-Oct-16 19:20:06

Toby Young is a twat. He's on a par with Kelvin McKenzie, Piers Morgan and Katie Hopkins as people I would never tire of slapping with a dead fish, with the fish having more humanity than them.

IreallyKNOWiamright Tue 25-Oct-16 19:20:35

It's those who have never experienced poverty or financial struggle; that judge the benefit system. Some people would rather work, but don't have the choice or are not given the chance.

conserveisposhforjam Tue 25-Oct-16 19:21:04

He runs a school doesn't he?

I'm so fucking depressed about that fact. Even Poshtwat Goldsmith resigning isn't cheering me up.

MorrisZapp Tue 25-Oct-16 19:21:46

Oh Christ my eyes! Ugly little bawbag too.

BowieFan Tue 25-Oct-16 19:24:12

Let's not forget this is Toby "Get the state to pay for my kids' education and call it a free school" Young. So he's not completely opposed to state handouts, is he?

I always think he looks like a somehow less attractive version of Phil Mitchell.

Dawndonnaagain Tue 25-Oct-16 19:27:32

I get 73 quid a week. This week I have to pay 200 quid for dd's laptop because DSA now charge for providing the laptop.
Next month I will be doing the same for dd2. I don't have the heating on, have changed all sorts of insurance stuff, cancelled some and have cut back as far as I can. I do not smoke, drink, socialise. I buy wool on occasion from charity shops. Yes I'd rather work, no, I'm really not capable of it at the moment. I was turned down for PiP earlier this year and will probably be turned down again. Despite having uncontrolled ulcerative colitis, arthritis, ptsd. Toby Young could be described as a cunt if only he had the depth and the warmth. angry

DrudgeJedd Tue 25-Oct-16 19:27:56

Didn't Kirsten Dunst have him booted off the set of How to Lose Friends because she thought he was a creepy stalker?

BusStopBetty Tue 25-Oct-16 19:34:01

He's a prick.

CannotEvenDeal Tue 25-Oct-16 19:35:49

One of my least favourite people in the public eye. An utter tool

DrudgeJedd Tue 25-Oct-16 19:37:10

he's got a google alert on his name, so feast your eyes on that pic because every time I post it it get reported and deleted grin

megletthesecond Tue 25-Oct-16 19:38:17

IIRC TY is, pretty much by his own admittance, only where he is because one of his first editors never got round to sacking him (see how to lose friends ). He's rode on the back of that for the last 20yrs. Knob.

SharkBastard Tue 25-Oct-16 19:41:16

DH had a twitter spat with him last year, cause Toby is a fucking bellshine of highest DH called him out with facts showing his article was wrong.

Toby got all upset

Awful human being

MrsJayy Tue 25-Oct-16 19:43:04

I knew he was a knob when he said on come dine with me that he opens ice cream in supermakets to check for crystalisation <sigh>

MrsJayy Tue 25-Oct-16 19:44:08

Well done Mr Bastard 😁

BowieFan Tue 25-Oct-16 19:44:53

I've also been blocked by Toby on twitter. I think it was for telling people to write to him in person using his home address (which I found after about 15 seconds of googling).

He is just a twat of the highest order. The baffling thing is that his dad was sod all like that and a genuinely caring and honest man who did a lot of important and vital work.

MrsJayy Tue 25-Oct-16 19:45:19

Simon pegg should be ashamed of that film

ToujeoQueen Tue 25-Oct-16 19:45:47

He's such a bell end.

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